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CA Dept of Justice REJECTS SCV's as of SEP-2023 registration submission.

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7 minutes ago, scheherazadesghost said:

Had family travel with me to my first audition. Corps director at the time shook their hand and assured them I'd be safe. 🤷🏽‍♀️ Family didn't know about the the abuse until decades later. Neither did some (many?) of my fellow alum who were on the field with me.

I was thinking of what’s reported with SCV currently with the money and legal problem. But you bring up a great point of what’s hidden.

Went to college in the late 70s and anything nasty was never reported. Heard rumor of student arrests, muggers in certain areas of campus after dark, etc but nothing from the college administration. (Might make the school look bad and lose $tudent$.) Scary when you find out one of the areas was on your usual walking route. Took a state law to change that crap. 

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53 minutes ago, scheherazadesghost said:

There's enough evidence out there that the community (and leadership) should be working more directly, diligently, and forcefully to root out offenders and create safer spaces. The two main reasons survivors don't disclose is (1) recalling the occurrences is too painful and they seek peace of mind/body first, rightfully so and (2) fear of retaliation. Both of those would be at least partially alleviated if there weren't still enablers protecting and overlooking violators throughout the industry.

I know you aren't suggesting this, but all the best practices in survivor support out there say we cannot force survivors to disclose. It compounds the harm they've endured. So if that option is not available, it's on the community to put their big girl pants on and think of others. And it starts with my first sentence above.

You don't need violators' names to spot the behaviors. There's so much documentation and research out there. You just need the chutzpah to call it when you see it and follow through with consequences. Drum corps haven't demonstrated competency in either across history so far. But that's safeguarding 101. And while SA is the subject at hand, the same behaviors are present in emotional/verbal abuse and forced overtraining as well.

Thanks for the reply.  Many people ask the question I did, & I knew that you would have a well-reasoned answer.  

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Mod hat here.

We often go off topic to a degree, and that is ok. 
Please get back to the topic in the thread title now. This is not the thread to discuss other corps/people,  nor is it a place to discuss things not related to the overall topic.


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2 hours ago, Jeff Ream said:

so any updates from the state?


2 hours ago, scheherazadesghost said:

Nope. And turnaround time for updates seems to be around 1 month based on most recent info available, so we'll be waiting for a bit it seems. Unless VMAPA wants to update everyone...

They're working on it but just having some tech issues. 



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