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84 SCV perc feature question

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I remember thr first time we (the hornline) saw our snare soloist perform this and he pulled out what looked like chopsticks….

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I remember using a Kevlar head by Duraline in 1981 with my marching band.  I didn't have a Mylar layer and ripped when water hit it. 

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10 hours ago, gbass598 said:

For all the people who complain drum corps ain't what it used to be, that sure was a lot of "dancing" during that show for 1984.

Great musicianship back then too.

What you’re seeing is a dramatically watered down version of Dave Owens’ (RIP) original vision that had the hornline doing an intricate dance routine with the (at the time) all-female guard. At one of our Spring ‘84 camps we cleared out the rehearsal hall until just the wall-mounted mirrors remained and a professional dance choreographer from San Francisco came in and had us remove our shoes. We were complete dance & movement noobies, and for the next few hours we got a crash course. Toward the end a number of us with better body control were beginning to grasp the choreographer’s teachings but some of the physically larger individuals had challenges. In retrospect I wish we had stuck with the idea perhaps with a smaller dedicated “dancing hornline troupe”, as those with the body control showed real promise. Whatever the case, what Dave had in mind would have far exceeded what Star ‘93 did. This was also a huge change for Gail too as previously his hornlines had been all-male and very macho, and ‘84 saw a half dozen ladies (including a monster FH player from ‘79 Guardsmen) join the brass for the first time. 

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