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Cadets staff.

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Hey all,

Obviously I am as devastated as you all are regarding the unfortunate demise of such an iconic drum corps.  They had some of my favorite shows, and there was nothing like seeing them in person, feeling their powerful horn line, and of course, that crazy drill.  I still can’t believe they are gone. 😢

My question is, have the staff and mm’s been able to find their way to other groups?   Those were some talented kids, and I am sure they will find other places to continue their dci careers.

I for one hope that the creative and unique sights and sounds of that great design staff can continue their voices in the activity.  Maybe Jay Bocook can come back to BK, for example?   Wishful thinking. 😂

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Matt Stratton went to Cavies

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9 hours ago, corps8294 said:

The Blue Stars sure could use Tom Aungst, again. 

he's with Cavies again this year.


Travis Peterman is at Bucs.

i know one member landed at SCV

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Brian Murphy - consultant for Spartans and Academy
Matt Stratton - Brass Staff Cavaliers
Seth Murphy - Brass Staff SCV
Josh Brennis - Visual Staff SCV / consultant Crossmen
Julian Johnson - Visual Staff at Bluecoats
Enrique Perez - Color Guard Staff SCV
Nathan Bashline - Audio at Boston
Paul Dolan - Medical Staff at Carolina Crown
Kelsey Brunson - Admin at Academy
Mike Ryan - Admin at Crossmen

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16 hours ago, Brass of the South said:

Jay Bocook is listed as a design consultant on BK 2024’s staff page 👀

Jay can punch his ticker where he desires and how. That being said, he's not getting any younger. Tom Aungst looks a LOT better than I do, but he's older than me (I'm 61) but he shows no signs of slowing down. My cap is tipped.

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