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  1. RMU is my alma mater, but back then it was RMC and there was no football or stadium.....runs in my mind that stadium is smaller and lower than Moon . Its been years since I've been to a show up there but Pittsburgh is usually very well attended.
  2. might be some noise but probably no more bothersome than the constant Turnpike/Parkway East traffic about a half mile away from Gateway 's stadium. Moon's stadium is 1mile north of PIT and not on the commercial approach/departure paths run - always thought it would be a good place to hold a show. we'll see.
  3. JohnZ

    Cadets 2018

  4. no, and from some already pulled we won't be in favor of that here either
  5. we've really gone way off course on this important and difficult discussion - we've appreciated your combined efforts to keep it civil, frank and on track but not really sure where RAMD and PA have current relevance other than a very few specific points made long ago. We may be getting to that time to close this one and start a fresh focused thread....for now, let's see what happens here. thanks again.
  6. already being discussed in the other thread, so we'll close this one.
  7. the system does not automatically change the profile when we change the account status - we have to remember to do it manually. sometimes we forget
  8. inappropriate off topic and collateral posts removed. most of you have done well to keep the peace and the discussion on topic as we asked. please continue to do so. thanks
  9. JohnZ

    Red Carpet Assoc.

    I recall at several events around the 70s they were announced as the "Altoona Gardner Guards" from Tyrone...raised some eyebrows... I'm thinking the Westmoreland Esquires were part of RCA then too.
  10. JohnZ

    Cadets 2018

    off topic conversation removed. I know it will be difficult to separate one from the other, but conversation in this thread needs to be reserved for the production and members of the 2018 Cadets - they deserve a discussion of their own. all conversation relating to the unfortunate breaking news will occur in the other more appropriate discussion thread. any such posts here need to be reported to the moderating team. thanks for your understanding and cooperation. I think the staff and MMs will push harder and stand taller this year - it will be an epic year for them. JMO
  11. inappropriate content and collateral posts reported and removed. we SINCERELY appreciate you all keeping this on topic and civil - Thanks. we are entering that point in a thread's life cycle where the conversation exhausts and starts to wander, though. please do what you can to keep it going and report any questionable/inappropriate contributions to the moderators.
  12. we are going to limit the discussion to one thread. closing this one
  13. JohnZ

    Cadets 2018

    not to worry, I reported myself....then the ####### suspended me. spend my time out off the grid soaking up some sunshine and reflecting on my evil ways came back and apologized to me for being a jerk. learned a valuable lesson. I feel better now. ....Cadets 2018....
  14. JohnZ

    Cadets 2018

    your suspicion would be incorrect. the last four pages of doody has been removed, people who continue to act like the south end of a northbound horse will be next. #### kids......!