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  1. we're still here, just not much traffic or need to intervene on the A side, as opposed to the I side of the house.
  2. Huh? you say something? ...pretty sure that was all tidied up a while back.
  3. getting close, and nearing a "merging". removed some unnecessary posts.
  4. so do I. Pinned, and consistent with the original intent, we'll keep this thread focused specifically on the actual uniforms
  5. closed at the request of the OP
  6. sorry for the delayed response BSG. I did a little research and don't really see any relevant reported issues on the IPB technical notes. Tried my wife's S7 and didn't have any problem. I did notice similar problems discussed on some android boards though, all pointing to issues in the Galaxy phone family - they recommended rebooting/resetting the phone, among other fixes. I'll dig some more and advise if I see anything different.
  7. I'm very familiar with the area, well before UPJ and the original Richland Mall where the big box stores now sit....having the Cadets there every year is a huge boost to the area, especially the band programs there, IMO. I try to get back to see them in action every chance. born and raised eight miles downriver.
  8. West End. I think his neighborhood icould be considered Lower Yoder Twp,
  9. permanently banned from the discussion board. I'd probably plan on continuing on with discussing Crown 2017 without him.
  10. you presume we are reading every thread and contribution - we are not. again I remind all to report any questionable posts to the moderating team. the issue has been resolved. topic: 2017 Boston Crusaders - really enjoyed seeing them last year in Daytona Beach - I'm hoping to catch them again this year.
  11. off topic "discussion" removed. Let's look forward to a few more program announcements, shall we ?
  12. Inappropriate posts removed. please keep the discussion respectful, and thanks in advance for reporting any questionable contributions to the thread.
  13. Preferred. we do what we can to respect the corps' wishes to reveal their programs as they see fit. That being said, just a request to all that it would be helpful if folks wouldn't 'quote' questionable items. lot of unnecessary collateral editing of posts when that happens. carry on!
  14. inappropriate comments removed please, don't.