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  1. Boston Crusaders 2018

    off topic posts removed...carry on.
  2. Cadets 2018

    It's a shame board subscribers complain instead of reporting inappropriate activity. Cleaned up and issue addressed, but this thread is at serious risk of being closed if it can't keep on topic. fair, final warning. Cadets 2018 - for the true fans of the activity, I doubt they will disappoint. Discuss.
  3. Cadets 2018

    ####, there goes our raise..... and we aren't omnipresent, either....always appreciate help from the membership to keep the place tidy. thanks! Cadets 2018 - discuss.
  4. unnecessary commentary removed to keep the thread on topic as the OP intended. ALSO It is not necessary to fully quote the original post - that will make the thread unnecessarily long. if you must quote something from the original post, please snip.
  5. Sign the Petition

    last time we take time to clean up the virtual time the thread will be closed and folks will be leaving the island. respectful and enlightening discussion in 3.....2.....1...aaannnnd GO.
  6. Madison Scouts 2018

    Offensive and collateral posts removed. Please keep it civil, we do not want to shut down a <corpsname> 2018 thread.
  7. Topic cleaned up and reopened. Anyone who takes the thread sideways again - and anyone who chooses to debate sideways instead of reporting then ignoring the off topic and inappropriate post - will be banned. a truly sad and tragic accident. MYNWA
  8. FloMarching makes a funny

    closing at OP request
  9. Oh hello new DCP makeover!

    A temporary issue due to the database rendering, maybe? If it is in there, I'd love to have an account tag to identify suspended or banned accounts in their public profile.
  10. Age Outs

    good morning, campers removed four pages of 'stuff'. Please be respectful and stay on topic. thanks!