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  1. JohnZ

    Genesis 2018

    sorry all - took me a while to get on to the Forum and sweep up some 'stuff' on here, also apologies for not leaving much - a lot of collateral damage as the result of trying to bring the discussion back to some semblance of rational 'discussion'. Please if some of you want to recreate some of the missing thoughts - in a respectful way - please feel free to start here. Danke
  2. JohnZ


    since the beginning of DCP. we do our best to try to stay out of the way of meaningful conversation, and regularly allow it to morph as long as it stays meaningful, relevant and respectful. removed the political and personal junk - carry on.
  3. political comments removed. Let's not do that, m'kay?
  4. this thread has really veered off on a tangent, so we will close. thanks all.
  5. JohnZ

    Two great shows this week-end

    got to watch their whole performance live: VERY strong first performance and statement. a very entertaining show end to end with lots of tasty parts. Lots of work yet to do, but they all know what needs done. Going to make it interesting at Finals.
  6. correct times three. another FLO thread can always be started - and encouraged - if the collective wants to discuss further.
  7. JohnZ

    Flo still sucks!

  8. JohnZ

    Orlando, FL - July 8, 2018

    its the 30-30 rule: 30 seconds between the flash and the thunder, the storm is close enough for you to be in danger; 30 minute wait after the last thunder until it is safe to go outdoors. Florida is definitely serious about lightning
  9. JohnZ

    Orlando, FL - July 8, 2018

    sadly I believe tonight will be iffy at best - my resources show a line of lightning and storms forming from Gainsville south through Orlando, heading SSW. any lightning within the Metro Orlando area will probably affect the show.
  10. RMU is my alma mater, but back then it was RMC and there was no football or stadium.....runs in my mind that stadium is smaller and lower than Moon . Its been years since I've been to a show up there but Pittsburgh is usually very well attended.
  11. might be some noise but probably no more bothersome than the constant Turnpike/Parkway East traffic about a half mile away from Gateway 's stadium. Moon's stadium is 1mile north of PIT and not on the commercial approach/departure paths run - always thought it would be a good place to hold a show. we'll see.
  12. JohnZ

    Cadets 2018

  13. no, and from some already pulled we won't be in favor of that here either
  14. we've really gone way off course on this important and difficult discussion - we've appreciated your combined efforts to keep it civil, frank and on track but not really sure where RAMD and PA have current relevance other than a very few specific points made long ago. We may be getting to that time to close this one and start a fresh focused thread....for now, let's see what happens here. thanks again.