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  1. Topic cleaned up and reopened. Anyone who takes the thread sideways again - and anyone who chooses to debate sideways instead of reporting then ignoring the off topic and inappropriate post - will be banned. a truly sad and tragic accident. MYNWA
  2. FloMarching makes a funny

    closing at OP request
  3. Oh hello new DCP makeover!

    A temporary issue due to the database rendering, maybe? If it is in there, I'd love to have an account tag to identify suspended or banned accounts in their public profile.
  4. Age Outs

    good morning, campers removed four pages of 'stuff'. Please be respectful and stay on topic. thanks!
  5. time to step away from this discussion. closing
  6. definitely going round and round. closing

    time to close.
  8. New DCP Forums 4.1

    tttttt ttttt ttt online
  9. New DCP Forums 4.1

    Tttt tttt ttt safari
  10. San Antonio Reviews

    oved to the appropriate forum. we'll see if it develops into a review discussion from here.
  11. several individuals suspended from the board for violating the Community Guidelines in this discussion thread. fair warning for the next show discussion, or any thread for that matter.
  12. Posts containing personal attacks have been removed. Posters will be next. debate and disagree, but with respect. thanks