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  1. you presume we are reading every thread and contribution - we are not. again I remind all to report any questionable posts to the moderating team. the issue has been resolved. topic: 2017 Boston Crusaders - really enjoyed seeing them last year in Daytona Beach - I'm hoping to catch them again this year.
  2. off topic "discussion" removed. Let's look forward to a few more program announcements, shall we ?
  3. Inappropriate posts removed. please keep the discussion respectful, and thanks in advance for reporting any questionable contributions to the thread.
  4. Preferred. we do what we can to respect the corps' wishes to reveal their programs as they see fit. That being said, just a request to all that it would be helpful if folks wouldn't 'quote' questionable items. lot of unnecessary collateral editing of posts when that happens. carry on!
  5. inappropriate comments removed please, don't.
  6. It is well past time to step away from this topic. closing
  7. sorry all - delayed getting on, and this should have been closed sooner. closing now
  8. messaging still works and I checked your account and everything looks fine, but I tested it and have seen some PM errors. Sent a note to JohnD to investigate.
  9. Good afternoon/evening/night/morning all. John Donovan continues to work on tuning up the board and the program is still updating in the background that may explain some of the keep this thread on topic, please post your issues and discuss in the Member Service Center Forum. thanks for your patience and understanding....carry on.
  10. Daytona Beach was hit hard - today I got the first chance to drive down oceanside. some of the hotels and condos are devastated/ surprisingly the beach was spared - we thought it would certainly be destroyed, but they were out resetting boundary posts and gettign ready to let cars back on the beach, just in time for Biketoberfest. not really sure where all the bikers are going to find beds this year. sadly we had three storm related fatalities, two just this morning. sobering.
  11. that was .....impressive. still assessing damage here. going to be a long recovery.