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  1. definitely going round and round. closing
  2. time to close.
  3. tttttt ttttt ttt online
  4. Tttt tttt ttt safari
  5. oved to the appropriate forum. we'll see if it develops into a review discussion from here.
  6. several individuals suspended from the board for violating the Community Guidelines in this discussion thread. fair warning for the next show discussion, or any thread for that matter.
  7. Posts containing personal attacks have been removed. Posters will be next. debate and disagree, but with respect. thanks
  8. We always strongly recommend immediately reporting and NOT continuing to quote a potentially offensive post - it causes those responses to frequently be deleted too. Discussion edited and the reported post removed. As always, apologies for the collateral damage. Follow the community guidelines Practice safe posting Be sure to drink your Ovaltine
  9. unpinning and closing. remaining discussions can be posted in the other Uniform thread.
  10. we're still here, just not much traffic or need to intervene on the A side, as opposed to the I side of the house.
  11. Huh? you say something? ...pretty sure that was all tidied up a while back.
  12. getting close, and nearing a "merging". removed some unnecessary posts.
  13. so do I. Pinned, and consistent with the original intent, we'll keep this thread focused specifically on the actual uniforms
  14. closed at the request of the OP