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  1. Shows that you wish made finals

    1987 Florida Wave (though not at the Sky Ryders' expense that year) 1991 Dutch Boy (the best iteration of their Vegas productions) 1993 Freelancers (Bill Chase!) 1997 Colts (Blood Sweat & Tears)
  2. Carolina Crown 2017

    Is this the same piece that SCV used as the opener in '82 and '83?
  3. 2017 PREDICTIONS!

    Now that shows are mostly announced... 1) Devils 2) SCV 3) Bluecoats 4) Cavaliers 5) Crown 6) Cadets 7) Phantom 8) Blue Stars 9) Blue Knights 10) Boston Crusaders 11) Crossmen 12) Academy 13) Madison Scouts 14) Colts 15) Troopers 16) BDB 17) Mandarins Shows I am most curious to see: Cavaliers, Phantom, Cadets, Academy
  4. 2017 Seattle Cascades

    Caught some rehearsal footage on Periscope and I'm sure they were playing The Canyon...
  5. 2017 Programs & Playlist:

    Snarky Puppy in drum corps, yes!!! It's about time!
  6. The Cavaliers 2017

    My bet for the Steve Vai... Previously used as the basis for the Blue Knights' percussion feature in 1993 (kudos Ralph Hardimon) Looks like a home run in terms of programming...can't wait to get a taste.
  7. Underrated Shows?

    1986 Suncoast Sound 1987 Madison Scouts 1997 Colts (Blood Sweat and Tears!)
  8. 2017 Blue Stars

    Somehow I missed hearing where Mapes and Grom are headed...has that been officially announced?
  9. You know who I miss?

    What about hostrauser? He did a great job with his rankings page for many a season!
  10. I have the $99 subscription but can't seem to get access through the website, although it is showing up on my iPad (same as jwillis reported). Here's the response from the live chat support: EmilieHi Jay. Did you purchase the PPV for tonight's show? The show tonight is available only as a PPV as it is a fundraising event for the corps. $30 of your purchase will go directly to the drum corps of your choice. This is a special broadcast an not available as part of any of the DCI Live! Subscriptions. You can find more information here: http://www.dci.org/ViewArticle.dbml?DB_OEM_ID=33500&ATCLID=211085600
  11. I feel really stupid posting this, but here goes... So I installed the DCI.org app on my iPad, logged into my account, all good. On the "Featured" tab I see the listing for the DCI Southwestern Championships. I click on the "Watch Live" link and it just pops up a box with the event and ticket info...what else is there to do to go to the video feed? I don't see it when clicking on the "Video" tab under the Main Menu either. Thanks for any and all assistance...
  12. Any chance you could make the ranking pages rotatable? Great app, thanks...
  13. SCV 2016

    Showing my age here, but the pit writing at the top of the show takes me back to the wonderful Ralph Hardimon percussion feature in 1984...
  14. Official 2016 Blue Stars

    Wow, what an insanely delightful kick*** pit book!