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  1. I hope the $100K amount was higher than what is actually needed. Hate to see it get to 80-85% and that not be enough. Of course, the final step may be to pass the hat at their home show. I am sure that could bring in another $10K or more.
  2. Hopefully, they need $50K and are asking for $100K.
  3. Boston and Stars 1 and 2 in guard.
  4. They will. They always finish the props about two weeks out.
  5. Well, this is the first time I have seen The Mandarins and Scouts in the same show. Didn't think it possible, but Scouts might not make finals again.
  6. They still sound pretty glorious to me.
  7. What a great show. Loved it.
  8. The corps looked good tonight. I assume there are more changes/additions coming? Still a couple parts of the show that feel unfinished.
  9. My final thoughts on the night: Nice to see a show live again after seven years of only online viewing. The only surprise for me placement wise is Genesis over Cascades, but congratulations to Genesis. They are making their first world class year count. Great job by the Colts following SCV. Nice to see them rewarded with a good score. Blue Stars are solid in all captions and have an interesting show. Lots going on. With that though, there are parts of their show that feel unfinished. One example, when the high horns are playing their feature toward the end of the show, the rest of the horns are parked along the 50 doing nothing. I assume there is visual to be added. I see they have three practice days this week. I am betting we see some changes (additions) by the weekend. Phantom's show flowed better than the Blue Stars, but it seemed to me that they were not as clean, particularly visually. The Cadets surprised me. They are much better than I thought watching them online. They could finish as high as 5th in my opinion. There are moments in their show that remind me of some of the great Cadet shows of the past. I predict they will be a big hit come finals week. SCV is simply great. I love everything they are putting on the field. With that said, they have yet to beat the Blue Devils this year, so they are not the favorites to win the championship. By the way, has anyone else velcroed flags together since the Emerald Knights in 1977? It was fun tonight. Nice stadium, good crowd, lots of screaming band kids. The cheered for everyone.
  10. Colts did great. It is not easy following Santa Clara, but they gave it their all. Nice show. The crowd was very appreciative.
  11. Fun hearing one of my favorites, Joni Mitchell, bookend the show tonight.
  12. I have to escape quick after the Colts. I need to catch an Uber before the traffic gets rolling.
  13. Wow, what a show SCV. Loved everything about it. Best thing on a football field since Tom Brady in the fourth quarter of this year's Super Bowl. The top 3-4 corps this year are all superb. And all so different.
  14. Kids behind me love guard tricks, particularly big rifle tosses. SCV has them ecstatic. Cadets may need to come back to perform an exorcism.