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  1. mcjordansc

    2018 Blue Stars

    The soloists could not be heard well in the theater. I don't think the corps speakers were placed where the broadcast mics could pick up the sound. Hopefully, it was much better in the stadium.
  2. mcjordansc

    2018 Tour Premiere

    Crown dominates the night. Crown Cavaliers Bluecoats Boston Blue Stars Phantom
  3. mcjordansc

    2018 Blue Stars

    I am guessing that video will soon disappear, I am glad I got to view it. Blue Stars are off to a great start. Improved across the board and a show that will not require major rewrites like last year. They will polish this one over the next six weeks and I expect a fan favorite in Indianapolis. Nice to see them ready to go for the first show.
  4. mcjordansc

    2018 Blue Stars

    There is plenty of up tempo, aggressive music. You will like it.
  5. mcjordansc

    2018 Blue Stars

    The arrangements are very different from what the Blue Stars have done in the past. To me, it does not sound like the same corps. They hit a home run with Jim Wunderlich. The show flows so well. None of the awkward transitions they fought through last year. The brass is excellent and percussion may be the most improved section. Excited to see this on the field Thursday.
  6. mcjordansc

    Blue Devils or the field?

    I always pick the Blue Devils to win. A 60% win rate over the past ten seasons shows this is the proper bet.
  7. People's passion for hyperbole is on full display in this thread.
  8. The things he admits as true are enough to get him fired.
  9. Bad idea. Too self serving. He needs to stay away.
  10. The things Hopkins says are true is enough to have a normal CEO removed from the position. He admits to "consensual" relationships with corps members and employees. He did share a hotel room with a female subordinate at the DCI meetings. This alone should disqualify him holding the job.
  11. That the board did not suspend him while they investigated the accusations shows they have already mishandled this problem. At a minimum, Hopkins should step aside until this is all resolved. My guess is he resigns by next week. If he is on the road with the corps this summer, then we know the Cadets are not bigger than George Hopkins.
  12. Hard to see him surviving this story. Nine women with similar stories over 40 years is powerful. Nine women came forward, how many did not? I also find it difficult to believe no one would talk to the YEA investigator. YEA needs to move on this quickly before the summer is lost.
  13. mcjordansc

    2018 Blue Stars