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  1. Cadets 2018

    Looks like a Freemasons thing to me.
  2. The drum corps has changed its show style in recent years... I'm guessing in an effort to stay relevant in the recruiting game. The people they're looking to recruit are members of today's competition corps.... who by now, should be used to electronics and so forth. I wonder, though, if there is a fine line here with this particular corps... between what the members are comfortable with, and what the audience (which, with this corps, has tended to be more of a general "John and Jane Doe" audience at various venues) is comfortable with. Time will tell, I suppose.
  3. Boston Crusaders 2018

    Those of us in the Baltimore area are finally getting a "taste of Boston" today and tomorrow. LOL. Our first big storm of the season. We've been very fortunate so far. Oh well... with the stronger March sun angle, whatever falls will be gone off the roads pretty quickly, and gone everywhere not long after... at least here south of the Mason-Dixon Line.
  4. Cadets 2018

    "Terri Schehr Awakening"
  5. Cadets 2018

    "Machines Awakening"
  6. Sad News Krista Fawber

    Sad news indeed. Jim and Kris... two great folks. May she rest in peace.
  7. Cadets 2018

    "Consultant" = still has input, without the day-to-day... uhhhh... stuff. That goes for any company/organization. Ahhh, to be a consultant. LOL. Good for Sean. Absolute top-shelf guy. Whenever I did a gig for YEA I knew I was in good hands with folks like him, Ray Schofield, Paul DeLiberto, Justin Heimbecker, etc. running the event. From what I recall, he was a freelance marketing guy and YEA was a client, years ago, before they hired him full time.
  8. Cadets 2018

    Anyone planning on attending the DCA show run by YEA/C2 in Nazareth, PA, in July... make sure to stop by that new specialty-foods shop there: "Cheeses of Nazareth." I'm here all week, folks. Try the prime rib.
  9. Cadets 2018

    One of the all-time best in the business. Great guy. Had a lot of fun working for him.
  10. All time shows: Troopers

    There used to be a full video online of the corps' 1975 show on YouTube, but now I can't find it. Can only find a vid of the opener that year. Don't know if this is a case of stuff being removed from the Web, or my search skills needing a tuneup. LOL.
  11. All time shows: Troopers

    Just watched the video of Troop's 2014 "America the Beautiful" closer. That was a great show.
  12. All time shows: Troopers

    Is spinning and tossing a rifle part of the Manual of Arms? Not trying to sound snarky here... I honestly don't know.
  13. All time shows: Troopers

    Good point. Some of that equipment... it was like throwing a motorcycle.
  14. All time shows: Troopers

    Those were great!!! At least a few years, it was the drum major in the middle of the circle. Another cool move, for its era.... when they tossed the rifles over the outstretched flagpoles. Today, stuff like that is easy peasy. LOL.
  15. What you want for 2018

    They stuck their foot in the door last season... it would be nice to see them kick it down again!!!
  16. All time shows: Troopers

    OK... Trooper faves for me, in no particular order: 2009... back in Finals!!! 2014 2011 1975... not their best corps, but a cool show. Opener was great. 1970... old school, with a signature marching style and visual execution that was second to none.
  17. A Look Back at 1971-1972

    George, for my money that top 5 in '72 is still the best top five in DCA history. Five great corps, five different styles, five corps that were good enough to win it all.
  18. All time shows: Troopers

    What Guardling and others have said about the Troopers' signature "Sunburst" visual. For that era, that was the real deal, no doubt about it. In an era when most drills were of the "file and column" variety, a circular/curved move like the Sunburst, executed at such a high level, was stunning.
  19. Boston Crusaders 2018

    Since that story is set here in Baltimore, I've heard that the fish guy will soon be on display at the National Aquarium downtown.
  20. I completely agree, and I would extend that to the entire decade of the 1970s. As good as SCV was overall in that decade... a dominant corps, for sure... their brass lines from that era, for me, always had an "edgy" sound, not at the same level as the lines of the Scouts, Blue Devils, Argonne Rebels, and others. Again, my opinion here. Now... I know SCV was playing some hellaciously tough, exposed charts, and perhaps that might have contributed to that "on the edge" sound. As a midrange player, I appreciated how hard SCV's midrange voices had to work to play some very challenging stuff.
  21. Why 1976?

    I agree, that was an amazing in-season comeback for the Scouts!!! They were really good at Finals.
  22. A couple of our DCA rivals called us "Kids and Girls" back then. LOL. We took that as a badge of honor, and got lots of laughs out of it, too. We did just fine. It was nice to celebrate those DCA titles with my fellow kids and girls.
  23. A couple of our rivals in DCA nicknamed us in Sun "Kids and Girls" because we had... well... teenagers and women in the ranks. God forbid.
  24. Oh man... I could fill a page here easily about that whole can of worms. LOL. Again, not trying to brag... but when I was with my local junior corps in NJ starting in 1971, and then Sunrisers in DCA from 1977 on, it was never a big deal that we had women in the horn line and drum line. Honestly, I just kind of assumed it was the norm. Boy, was I in for a history lesson as the years went by.
  25. Still on my short list of all-time great drum corps horn lines. Amazing sound, tough charts.