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  1. As a new resident of Albuquerque, I'm excited to see there's some drum corps activity here! Looking forward to supporting Arsenal. It will help take some of the sting out of being 10 minutes from Carolina Crown's spring training site.
  2. besson57

    Carolina Crown 2018

    They've been teasing audition information coming soon on social media, so perhaps that's it?
  3. besson57

    Cadets 2018

    That was my introduction to drum corps. I was a freshman in high school (in Central PA), and my high school band directors were big fans of the Cadets. We did a West Side Story show that year, and had several cadets come to help instruct during the fall. I'd like to see Cadets do it on the field again, but differently than before, like they did this year with the mass.
  4. I saw Surf live twice early in the season, and didn't enjoy it nearly as much as that run I watched on Flo. I'm impressed with what they did with that show, and how they cleaned and kept my attention! Nice job!
  5. Carolina Cinemark in Asheville, NC for me.
  6. ...Then it's probably a drum corps show I want to see. This silly anti-intellectual trope of "design isn't effective if you have to explain it" is crap. I don't want to watch drum corps shows dumbed down to the least common denominator. I want to see shows that speaks on different levels. I want to see a show that's entertaining and emotional without knowing anything about it going in. I ALSO want a multi-layered, nuanced, erudite, and meaningful show that's chock-full of subtle cues to a broader theme and deeper connection. The two aren't mutually exclusive, and I'm tired of seeing this silly criticism that learning more about a design means a show sucks.
  7. besson57

    The Massillon Knock Out August 7

    So. So. So. So. Good. Even with the Flo mucking with the mix.
  8. besson57

    The Massillon Knock Out August 7

    This straight line drill has bugged me since I first saw the show. It seems like classic SCV, but distinctly un-snakelike.
  9. besson57

    The Massillon Knock Out August 7

    I'm having pretty good luck with Flo this season. Watching via Apple TV on a pretty terrible local cable company connection. (I pay for 24Mb/s and rarely getting more than 1.5.)
  10. besson57

    Cadets 2017

    FWIW, after watching the whole thing on Flo this evening, I'm left humming music from the Cadets now that the TV is off. I think that's a good sign. :)
  11. I'm talking about how much of their sound is amplified and pushed through the speakers. It was extremely painful sitting on the 40 yard line at NightBEAT. It was twice as loud as any other corps that night, and completely unnecessary. Completely ruined any chance at enjoying any of their show.
  12. And now to the most overblown and terrible use of amplification of a brass line. I feel bad for anyone within 15 yards of the speakers.
  13. Great stuff from the Cadets. The timbre of the 'bones (standing on the pews) and the choir may be my favorite moment of the whole season.
  14. This is a (maybe the) show I'm going to listen to over and over in the off season.