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  1. A Drum Corps Fan's Dream Part Tres

    Just the percussion intro. for "Legend". OR, you could play the whole thing with just body movement.
  2. That might be a possibility. I miss the open seating days for dawn admission prelims in Whitewater. Early risers were rewarded and we waited in lines peacefully and preserved our seating area without resorting to fisticuffs.
  3. I'm just glad I didn't see any exposed booty showing me a Yellow Rose on their underpants.
  4. Cadets 2018

    Let's go for 2000 pages!
  5. Only if accompanied with Jethro Tull music.
  6. Corps Income/Revenue Stream

    Fantasy camps seem to be the rage. Mom and Dad pony up $50 so that Missy piccolo gets a T-shirt, hot dog, cheap seat and a chance to play a few bars with the All-Stars.
  7. Large art deco triangular mirrors outlined in arc border. Believed to have been taken from top of NY Chrysler Building.
  8. Around 1970, there was a midwest runoff between Phantom and Madison to break a tie.
  9. Hi, Cesario. Why'd you change your log-in name?
  10. Prosperie, do your job! GIVE THEM THE SPREAD!!!
  11. I pray for that because I think they would up their dynamics to blend and sound GREAT!
  12. Thanks for everything tonight, Kevin. No Flo for me. Just Live Denver, Broken Arrow, and Thurs. cinecast. Please be on the lookout for any and all recent ch-ch-ch-changes in all programs.
  13. Theological deconstruction?
  14. Bernstein banned from DCP. Still lots of folks not familiar with Bernstein's bio and influences for this piece.