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    Heh....it may have been my comment on another of her vids that brought her to this! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bs_Kh7t7LqM&feature=share&fbclid=IwAR1eBOHPmKtvw7t4-8FgM1rV5tPftw1n4jM57jk-zFEJz81x9UsM0FV9P8E
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    lol..If that's the case should could have picked a more popular activity..Hell Cheerleading would have got her more exposure. Also didn't she say someone told her to watch and she did say she had no idea this thing even existed .It was actually nice to see someone with new and fresh eyes view it whether she knew what she was watching or not. jmo
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    Ladies and gentlemen, the Toledo Glassmen, 1994 Drum Corps International Quarterfinals Champions. 😛 (Thanks, rain!)
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    Then don't watch or comment on it. The rest if us will appreciate her reaction to our activity while you play the role of Debbie Downer.
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    I watched very little of her reaction. Was just captivated by that victory run. They did a great job editing that to capture all the joy and swagger of that run. now excuse me as i go listen to my clip of Everything Must Change on loop for the rest of the week.
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    I laughed. https://www.tiktok.com/@quintenmoshy/video/6809050125424545029
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    Tuesday was just the kickoff to The Cadets Maroon and Gold campaign. Day 1 was a huge success. Every drum corps is going to need funds to keep their minimal offices running between now and Oct/Nov or so when then kick back in again (hopefully, but I am objectively optimistic)! I would guess that on average, each corps will need to raise about $250-$400k to keep their operations going in that time. Not having a summer tour and DCI show money coming in, parade money, the money from running a home show, "feed the corps on tour" type campaigns, bingo etc is taking a huge bite out of a lot of corps. Think about this, each corps sponsor is going through tough times also. Not many drum sticks, instruments, uniforms, etc are being sold to schools to support the drum corps sponsorships right now. Tough times all around. So, probably more than ever... The corps needs their fans and, most importantly, their alumni to rally and financially support them. Which, in and of itself, is hard if you were laid off of your job or your commissions are minimal or non-existent, but every little bit counts. Maybe $20-$50 a month for a year would be HUGE to every group, if say, 100-200 people did that. Sorry for the rant... The Cadets can use your help, please give! https://cadets.org/donate/ Like I said, if you can't give a large gift in a lump sum, please consider giving $20-$50 a month for the year. Thanks! "March Straight and True, to Victory..."
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    Courtney is a fun watch. I dropped several links on her when she did the Texas Aggies band reaction. She typically does sports and military videos. Her fiance is in the US Military. Her channel has grown quickly and it only makes sense for us to support her and continue making suggestions. Positive exposure for any corps in DCI is good for ALL of DCI.
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    Isn't that basically what this entire activity is, though? Goodness. It's a positive video of someone being introduced to an activity we all ourselves love. She seemed to have fun with it! We could all learn to have more of that "fun" thing.
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    Which makes me not interested in "look at me" scenarios.
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    I've heard people comment about that before...what's up with that? ALL of her commentary was very complimentary to BD.
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    I turned it off after she said "my face is so shiny right now" around 8:20.
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    Very cool 84BD. Thanks for sharing. I cracked up when she said “MAJOR CIRCUS VIBES!”
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    Her reaction at 13:30 is priceless, captures everything this show made me feel that season (and even now after watching it again). A truly incredible show! Do it up DEVILS!!!
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    If you have the full Finals, it might not have the pre-show. As far as I know, they only put that on the individual VHS for us.
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    The tracking adjustment to start the video haunts me...
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