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    No actual corps experience. Eight years in large corps style college marching band at L.S.U.
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    Historically: Cavaliers. Runners Up: Old school (Before the "Artsy Fartsy" Fall) Blue Devils, Madison, Cadets, Spirit of Atlanta, Velvet Knights, Bridgemen.......
  • Your Favorite All Time Corps Performance (Any)
    1980 Cavaliers/Spirit of Atlanta/Bridgemen/Madison/Crossmen/Cadets. 1989 Santa Clara Phantom. 1995 Madison. 2000 Cadets. 2006 Blue Devils Godfather. Cavaliers Four Corners, Fight Club, James Bond, Machine, 2008 Crown. 2008 Phantom.
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    Baton Rouge, Louisiana
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    Competition Pipe Band.
    Swimming with wild Dolphins/Freediving.
    Beach Combing/Shell Collecting.
    Target Archery.
    L.S.U. and Saints football.
    New Age-Metaphysical topics.
    The "Drum and Trumpet Corps" activity that's evolved into what's currently D.C.I. (Hybrid Marching Symphony/Wind Ensemble/Theater/Ballet/Opera)

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  1. Of course it does. Symphony, Ballet, Opera, Broadway Theater and Yoga classes are all conducted indoors. MMT&YI (Marching Musical Theater & Yoga International) should be no different. BTW, I bit the bullet and forked out $49.99 to Flo Marching for a month just so I could see what has become of DCI. A few entertaining moments here and there, but overall, just not my thing any longer. (Especially Musically) Slim pickings for me and what entertains me. (I did like the Mandarins show and their uniforms) BTW, what in holy name has taken over the leadership of the Madison Scouts? Somebody please call a real Catholic Exorcist to remove the Demons that are obviously possessing the Madison hierarchy!
  2. I'm the T-Rex from the original Jurassic Park movie and you're the guy that was eaten alive while hiding in the out-house. Drum Corps T-Rex's and Raptor's feed on all you "Artsy Fartsy Sunshine Pumper" types that live and breathe current Marching Musical Theater International. BTW, we're the one's rolling our eyes.
  3. One of the best Po-Boy's I've ever had (That includes all the New Orleans Po-Boy shops) is right down the same street as the Southwest Louisiana Junior College at Lafayette Ramblin Acadian stadium. (Deano's)
  4. Lots of Fruit Punch Koolaid; maybe more like "Wine & Cheese" intermission fare from a Broadway Theater play or an Opera. I'm still mystified on how the theatrical WGI/BOA mentality has so broken in and thoroughly taken over every aspect of DCI. Nothing to look forward to any longer during the Summer except for Diving, Dolphins and the Beach. "Marching Musical Theater" no longer part of the equation.
  5. It's like "Day and Night." I've been going to DCI Shows since the early 70's, so there's a lot of "In Person" evidence to make a case. 70's, 80's and 90's Drum Corps crowds were like going to a hotly contested football game in the Southeastern Conference. It used to be like watching LSU vs Alabama. Crowds were aggressive and loud. (Reflecting the Corps) There was lots of yelling, clapping and standing ovations. We got into the Music a lot more then than now. You could actually recognize most of the songs being played and loved a little "Squat and Blow/Park and Park" to some of out favorites. Fast forward to 2000 and beyond, crowds have degenerated into something more resembling a Golf or Tennis match. Polite clapping is about all you get now, with rare exception. Totally different shows. Totally different music. Totally different reactions. Aggressive and "In Your Face" SEC Football has been replaced by "Artsy Fartsy" Ivy League Golf and Tennis. NFL vs Broadway Theater. There's not even a debate either. What many of yall think may be a great crowd reaction today, is really quite tame in comparison. (And you're not qualified to make a comparison if you weren't actually there in person for over 4 decades)
  6. 25-30 minutes. OMG, the Horror! The Berry Center was a nice facility. I presume they had a good reason for moving it. Have no idea why the current incarnation of MMTI (Marching Musical Theater International) does some of the things they do. It's always fun migrating through Houston at rush hour on a weekday...…...
  7. How many of you have signed up for the latest incarnation? Are you satisfied or not? What's the cost? (You have to sign up and register before they'll even give you pricing information)
  8. Hey, I'm sure you're going the Laffy show. Weak lineup, but I might go just to see the Stars progress and to get a Deano's hamburger po-boy.
  9. I'd have to access a Pleiadian time machine and go way back (70's/80's/90's) to access most of my favorite shows. There have been a few post 2000 that I've really liked, (Mostly Cavaliers) but it's been slim pickings since the turn of the century for me. What I like and what you like are in different dimensions of reality. It's definitely an art form, but has so drastically changed that it doesn't grab me and hold my attention. Symphony, Theater, Opera, Ballet, Marching Band. WTF is it? I still like going to a few shows for the "Overall Experience", (Except for all the obnoxious high schools band geeks running around out of control) but the "Activity" doesn't really float my boat any longer. (It's more like the sinking Titanic to me)
  10. Bama biased. What with all the great high school and college marching bands in the State of Alabama, there should be the makings there of one great World Class DCI Top 12 Corps!
  11. Hey, I've got a better idea that would work more effectively. Why not just have all the Brass, Percussion and Guard members go completely nude from the waist down! Would be truly ground breaking to see the "Diversity and Mixture" of all the corps members "Inies and Outies."
  12. Band overload today. Up at 4am to watch the live feed of the World Pipe Band Championships from Glasgow, Scotland and then the DCI Finals tonight. I'm always regretting my decision to not go to Finals in person. BTW, we're trying to get a SoundSport Team/Band/Corps going here in Baton Rouge. If there are any interested musicians anywhere within reasonable driving distance of BR that may be interested, just send me a PM here..........
  13. Definitely! I only went to the Hattiesburg show this season. (To mainly see my historically fav Corps [Cavaliers] and Runners Up. [BD] Was also hoping to see a BD win so they would do the Encore with F TUNING! Nope. BD won, but Cavies did the Encore. I want my F TUNING!
  14. Mic the Melodic Percussion in the front a little, then throw all the rest of it in the garbage. (Or resurrect the Velvet Knights Shark to come eat it all!)
  15. So to see the "Activity" totally taken over and dominated by the Artsy Fartsy Candy A WGI/BOA flock.
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