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  1. It's okay for folks to have their own opinion about anything...but if those opinions are supported by incorrect or blatantly false facts, I'm just going to roll my eyes and go on. I feel both drumcorps af and drunkcorps are the Barstool Sports of drumcorps. They claim to be "real" or have "hot takes" that DCI or DCP can't handle, but what they really are is mean spirited and immature. I think there is a wide gap between Marching Roundtable and drumcorps af. Wide enough that I wish there was content to fill that void. As of now there is not...so I will continue to listen to all of these shows. I still feel that a bad drumcorps podcast is better than no drumcorps podcast. Z
  2. I have no problem with folks who like or dislike any of the current podcasts. It's nice that there are a few different podcasts coming at the activity from various standpoint. I will listen to all of them, because I like drumcorps and there is limited content out there. That said, it's difficult to take drumcorps AF and drunkcorps seriously when they clearly don't entirely understand what they are talking about. Everyone is entitled to opinions, but when the hosts make errors in who played what when, don't know who designs some of the show's they are making fun of, etc it's hard to take them seriously. Knowing that the hosts of drumcorps AF are a Bluecoats alumni and a current staff member of Music City, I have a lesser opinion of those two organizations. Z
  3. There's not a ton out there. Field pass is solid. Marching Roundtable is good. Drumcorps AF is a waste. Drunk corps international isn't much better. I wish there was some better content out there. Z
  4. It's audio content about drumcorps. Not "good" audio content, but it's something. I work a 3rd shift job where I can have ear buds in all night. I listen to 40 hours of podcasts a week. Drunk Corps and Drumcorps AF are always in my playlist but never must listen to material. I get frustrated at the basic information (show titles, music selections, placements, years, etc.) both podcasts get wrong, but when it comes to drumcorps podcasts...beggers can't be choosers. Z
  5. I've listened to Drunk corps and drumcorps af, and honestly, they are both really bad. I like drumcorps so current podcast options are pretty bad. Some of the marching roundtable shows are okay but there's not many other good options out there. The drunk corps guys had no idea who Michael Gaines is and the drumcorps af guys seemed like they had no idea what Chuck Naffier has been doing since 1999. I'll listen to both as there are not any good options out there but they are both pretty bad. They frequently get shows information wrong and neither have a very good grasp on older 70's/80's/90's drumcorps. Z
  6. I got great tickets through ticketmaster at 12:00 pm yesterday afternoon. 2 tickets row 3 section 140 on the 50 for finals and 2 tickets on the 50 section 640 for semis. The process worked great for me...other than the 510.00 I had to fork over. Z
  7. I believe they were all from Jubal. They were definitely Dutch. I was sitting on the 50 row 4 and they were in row 6. Z
  8. I feel like Spartans guard has been incredibly solid for the past 25 years. The rest of the sections fluctuate from year to year, but the color guard is always killing it. Z
  9. Florence, KY on Thursday On the 50 in 640 on Friday On the 50 row 4 of 140 on Saturday It's like 3 entirely different shows over 3 days. Z
  10. The guy is Jeremy Hunt. Drill writer for Colts, Phantom, and several other corps and bands over the past handful of years. Z
  11. So does Prosperie freak out when OC makes the axe form? Z
  12. Shows like Blue Knights recently I don't get in a good way. Colts this year I don't get in a bad way. Seems like a really good drumcorps with not a very good show. Z