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  1. I believe they were all from Jubal. They were definitely Dutch. I was sitting on the 50 row 4 and they were in row 6. Z
  2. I feel like Spartans guard has been incredibly solid for the past 25 years. The rest of the sections fluctuate from year to year, but the color guard is always killing it. Z
  3. Florence, KY on Thursday On the 50 in 640 on Friday On the 50 row 4 of 140 on Saturday It's like 3 entirely different shows over 3 days. Z
  4. The guy is Jeremy Hunt. Drill writer for Colts, Phantom, and several other corps and bands over the past handful of years. Z
  5. So does Prosperie freak out when OC makes the axe form? Z
  6. Shows like Blue Knights recently I don't get in a good way. Colts this year I don't get in a bad way. Seems like a really good drumcorps with not a very good show. Z
  7. Surf Mandarins Pioneer Z
  8. The Mandarins tour fees are less than Vanguards tour fees. I do not believe there are biased judges. That is all Z
  9. I will spend all season wondering what Weber's drill would look like for 18 SCV. Z
  10. MikeZ

    Akron, OH - June 23, 2018

    Chuck Naffier knows what drumcorps is supposed to sound like. Z
  11. 2018 Bluecoats will be better than 1997 Colts...but I doubt they will be louder. Z