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  1. One would think the most important aspect would be detailing the power flow (chain of command) of these positions and how they fall within the structure. As example,---who hires staff, who hires the person hiring staff, who has control over the person hiring staff, etc. etc. There should always be a "pecking order", a "buck stops here" scenario. In any organization and/or organizational structure (business, non-profit, government, etc.) position titles mean little without knowing where any (said) position stands in the flow of control and authority. A sincere best of luck...........
  2. The 1980 off-season was the deciding factor. The corps was (A) not in a very strong financial position, (B) the national economy was really hitting some areas of the country hard (if not the whole country) and more importantly......(C) local base involvement (as far as membership).....was way, way down; mostly due to the economic factors within the area. Members could no longer take off work, etc. in order to remain involved during the competitive season (as many were able to do in prior seasons). The corps had 50 (or so) active members throughout the off-season, the other (around) 80 were
  3. Wearing black made them look smaller. :-)
  4. There were already females in the corps (Kilties) inasmuch the color guard section went coed in the 1999 season. It was brought to a membership vote to open the brass and percussion sections to females starting in the 2000 season. There were actually two items presented to the membership, sadly it was combined into one issue for one overall vote. The question was: Open membership to females in all sections and maintain the the bottom age limit at 21. All but two members voted "yes", thus opening the corps to full coed and (sadly IMO) keeping the lower minimum age at 21. I voted "no" due
  5. A Drum Corps New Years Greeting - YouTube
  6. North American corps eliminated from finals competitive performance by inclusion of none North American corps (into the finals competitive line-up): Sky--3 times (including 2017), Carolina Gold--2 times, Bush--1 time, Kilties--1 time.
  7. 1) A corps needs a score from a DCA sanctioned show to be seeded in performance order at the championship prelims. A score from a DCI show, carries no weight. It's clearly explained in the DCA Rulebook. 2) CT has tried to host a DCA sanctioned show in the past, but the only DCA corps that would commit to traveling to Cincinnati in support of a show were the Kilts. At that time 3 corps were required to have a DCA sanctioned show. 3) DCA is specifically chartered as an organization for "North American" corps.
  8. Share points are based on the net income of the championship itself, and thus varies (each year) on how much each point is worth. During the regular season a DCA corps receives one share point for every sanctioned DCA show they attend....and a share point for hosting a show (if they do); thus a "home show" for a corps would be worth 2 share points. A corps must attend the championships to receive any share points whatsoever; season earned, championship earned and/or hosting show corps earned. No championship attendance, no share points.
  9. For one reason (of several)----money. Historically finalist (Open and Class A) receive extra "share points". One share point is equal to a set amount of money. Another point is "status", within the drum corps community and to the everyday fan.
  10. Although----presently a North American corps is replaced among the "competitive" finals line-up when a non-North American corps is allowed in and, in turn, that displaced corps does not receive the financial perks (of being allowed to compete), much less compete itself. In short, a North American corps can become a voting member with being a top 10 scored corps, and be sitting in the stands..........and with a lighter wallet as well. Non-North American corps should be allowed to compete in prelims, to show their wares, then proclaimed complimentary international visiting champion----and
  11. June 1st is the class declaration date, and then determination was made, being 4 this year. Although, DCA can (and does) break their own rules----as example, no fines for some corps, allowing North American corps to be displaced from finals competition by none-North American corps....Hucs, Carolina Gold, Kilts, etc. have felt the sting of that over the years; by charter, DCA is for North American corps.
  12. It's the Russians!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Sometimes it simply stops being fun and/or enjoyable for oneself vrs the amount of time being put in on the competitive aspect, in short---balance...........after-all, it is supposed to be a hobby.
  14. Correct, inasmuch as The Kilties have 7 (of 11 owned contras) that are 5/4 Dynasty Super Mags (and in fantastic shape), although they were not purchased from the Madison Scouts in "99" 6 were purchased from the Troopers after they converted to multi-key and one was purchased from an independent party, all 7 purchased in the 2006 timeframe.
  15. $hlt........there goes the show concept. "Stellar Polka Hits of Lawrence Welk, You Polka--You Broughtha".
  16. The BIG question is-----A.A.A.? Are Accordions Allowed? The forgotten ######## child of musical instrumentation.
  18. Kilts purchased a new line of Kanstul G's a few years back, although, except for one Kanstul contra, the contras are Super Mags.
  19. Quit your job, or school or whatever and join The's too #### hot down there anyway.
  20. The Kilties still use the bagpipe effect in "Scotland the Brave", a signature tune still being performed by the corps in parades and concerts; along with performing another of Kenny's arrangements of a Kiltie signature tune--- "Auld Lang Syne". You could hear Auld Lang Syne interwoven into the closing tune of the Kilties 2016 show. And yes.......per Kenny, the bagpipe effect (to paraphrase)---good players play bad, bad players play loud = bagpipe effect.
  21. The Kilts used a recording of bagpipes playing Scotland the Brave for the 2016 pre-show; cool stuff!!