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I'm in the opposite position with BD this year than last, now.

Last year I thought BD's visual book was fantastic, but their music was bland and uninspired.

This year the music is killer...but the visual package is "meh".

You're killing me, BD! That music deserves a better visual design.

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Honestly, I really like this Blue Devils show. Musically it is a home run! Awesome brass and percussion.

Visually there are some nice moments. Yeah, I am not getting the cubes and there are moments that I can see where visual content will be added. Don't forget, usually these guys are the most prepared of all the corps, but that trip out to Texas early probably forced them to pull back and sketch out some concepts and clean. I see areas where the Cadets had to do the same. Phantom too. We will see some big changes from all these groups in the coming 2 to 3 weeks.

Really enjoyed the show.

Cadets are the real deal!!! Can easily win the title. But they, too, have stuff to fix, clean, and perfect. But that show is goose-bump city!!

Blue Devils are classic sound, Sound, and SOUND! Great music this year. Some of that visual stuff will clean and new things added before Finals. You will be well liked by the fans this year.

Phantom Regiment is much the same as BD. Great Sound, and beautiful music! Show develops too slow, drill is solid and in sync with the music until the end, but the demand is lacking. The end of Elsa's does not make sense visually with what the music is saying. Their guard is wonderful.

SCV is complex and sophisticated, but they lose me for 70% of the show. Just cleaning this will not be enough. They must find legitimate GE that truly brings together music and visual, not one or the other in a cacophony of shapes that work on their own. If it's a story, it needs to be more obvious. If not, then I just don't get it.

Blue Knights were excellent. Music is awesome! I also love Mark Sylvester's drill. He is different, not easy to get. You must see it more than once to truly get his "paintings." The big problem for them is cleaning that beast. I do believe they need to pull back on some of the drill and focus on the stuff that is really working. Great show though!

PC is the best I have seen them this time of the year. Love the music and drums. Some of those snare rolls were the best of the night. Really! It was fun to hear. Keep working hard and make a run at it.

SCVC, BDB, BDC = MY TOTAL RESPECT and KUDOS!!! So much fun to watch you all grow, perform, learn, and experience the power of performance.

Renegades and Revolution = A BIG WOW! Putting together groups like this is no easy feat. We all know. You are to be commended for excellent and entertaining performances, and for this Ohio boy it's nice to get to see you once in a while.

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Yeah, Crown certainly has the ability to catch them, but I think they're probably the only corps that does.

Top 4 Brass this year is:

1. Blue Devils

2. Bluecoats

3. Phantom

4. Cavaliers

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