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2 minutes ago, J.Keith said:

Marched quarter of 82 season , but had to leave for personal reasons.Still remember wearing that Maroon and Gold! Always will be my corps...shame that monster put a tarnish on them.hope they have a great season!

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No tarnish.  They will shine more than ever before now. 

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I am new to the forums and really only created an account to thank someone for posting such wonderful pictures of the Cadets.  However, this post is so disheartening to me.  You see, my child just spe

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last night corps did a shako and shoes run of their 10.5-11 minutes

tonight they have the community performance at 8pm in Ada

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2 minutes ago, JoshClements403 said:

We will be live streaming the opener at 8pm

Christmas in June!  Do link.


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