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Best Baritone solos or features

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Keep in mind I have seen very few full performances on film outside of the essentials collection prior to the year 2000. I have seen most top 12 performances from 2001-present.

Pre 2000, while cliche, my favorite has to be SCV 89. 

My favorite that I have seen live is 2015 SCV. So musical, emotional, perfect.

I think that the Bluecoats  01-15 have done a great job with featuring Baritones, particularly in their ballads. 

So in general I feel Bluecoats and SCV do the best. 

My fear is we might see a decline in the use of Baritone features with increasing ise of vocalists and trombones.

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On 8/17/2018 at 12:47 PM, ThePlanets said:


My fear is we might see a decline in the use of Baritone features with increasing use of vocalists and trombones.

There have been some phenomenal baritone solis while still marching and evolving the formation rather than the park and bark so common in front of the microphones.

Whether one prefers this timbre or that, trombones don't allow that same ability to both march and be magnificent while playing. They definitely take away from the uniform look of the brass line, even more obtusively than contras.  If I want great trombone playing, I go to a concert hall or music club. (And some of my best friends are trombone players.)

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Two kind of obscure references:  Glory from Cincinnati (Div Ii) in 2000 had an amazing soloist during the Copland show of American songs.  The Willow Song ballad was the best soloist I heard all year.  Also, Magic of Orlando always had strong bari solos, but the show in 1995 (I believe) was awesome. 

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On 8/16/2018 at 9:22 AM, ThePlanets said:

I was watching a video of SCVs encore last night was just amazed by the baritone solos/duet.

What are some of your favorite baritone solos or features all time?

Have a CD of US Air Force Bolling Field Washington DC 1962. John Simpson playing “Summertime “ from Porgy & Bess on a TENOR Bari with a piston and slide. Tenors are smaller and pitched more like a trombone than the Baris we have today (called bass baris back then). Things sound like a sick cow and really have to know how to work the slide to get those notes in tune. Anyway Simpsons version is very melodic and haunting.

plus we got to meet him few years back and very nice to talk to

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