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13 minutes ago, N.E. Brigand said:

I fear that woodwinds, if permitted, will be described as optional but will quickly be seen by judges and designers as a requirement.

Lol and first time that happened was when the first valve was added.... then used in competition.... etc, etc, and etc ($1 to King and I)

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Much like the Madison scouts with CK, DCI should have canned DA many years ago. There is way too much bando influence in drum corps these days and what used to be a clear distinction between drum corp

The financial aspects of the concept haven't been explored in any meaningful way to address the central issue of sustainability. Bands with 200-250 performers have most of the infrastructural expenses

i heard a rumor that all corps are wearing unicorn costumes for 2020 only 2021,  it's back to spandex onesies for all

2 hours ago, cixelsyd said:

The next DCI Rules Congress is nearly upon us.  Caucuses and voting will take place at the DCI annual meeting in Indianapolis, January 9th through 11th, 2020.

Given how close we are to this event, it is curious that we have heard nothing official from DCI about the proposals that will be up for consideration.  Rule change proposals are processed per a set timetable from when they are submitted in mid-October to when the deadline for distribution of the final proposals occurs on December 15th.  Last time DCI had their biannual Rules Congress, they finished the refinement process a bit early and went public with the proposals on December 13th.  This time... crickets.

Rumors are rampant that the addition of woodwinds to DCI instrumentation is on the agenda.  Understandably, that will be a topic of passionate discussion in the drum corps community.  But regardless of where you stand on that issue, the manner in which this change is rumored to be implemented is disturbing:

  • The rule change would take effect for the 2020 season, even though nearly all corps are well into show planning/design and will have conducted auditions prior to the Rules Congress.
  • Another rule change raising the member limit to around 200 is also on the agenda, as a companion proposal.  Again, this would take effect after completion of auditions for most corps.
  • These two proposals were developed in one of the DCI strategic planning committees.  As rumor has it, member corps were polled and have pre-approved the ideas.  In a sense, the fix is in.  More importantly, member corps would therefore have had advance knowledge of this while they planned their 2020 shows and conducted auditions, while non-member corps... ?

Is this an attempt by DCI to defer the coming public angst over the change by delaying announcement of the proposals?  Are corps planning to use this change as an excuse to conduct another round of auditions and "experience camps", with associated participation fees, as a special 2020 fundraising ploy?  Or will cooler heads prevail, and propose 2021 implementation with fair advance notice?  (Or has the rumor train gone completely off the tracks?)

What do you think?


2 hours ago, JimF-LowBari said:

Be a little late to change logistics and show design to handle 200 members.

And still think adding members would make it harder to find rehearsal and sleeping facilities. Getting harder each year without upping number of bodies using a place

Phantom had given us a video that auditions were finished. Now they are having an additional weekend in Beloit advertised as auditions.

Cadets have added an audition time in Texas.

Mere coincidence? Just seeking to fill holes or up talent levels?


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1 hour ago, Fred Windish said:

Nothing would surprise me anymore in terms of drum corps’ evolution.  For a few years, I’ve been thinking a full-on merger with BOA will come.  Not intending to start yet another rumor, but such a move could easily be justified by those in charge these days.

More Inclusion of woodwinds is a given at this point, probably as soon as this Summer, I think. I’m willing to give anything a look, but am getting closer to my “drop off” point.


Ironically, those pushing woodwinds want nothing to do with that summer marching band circuit in Wisconsin that's been around for ages.

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24 minutes ago, Jeff Ream said:

a merger with BOA or WGI would be out of the question mostly because of school affiliations for groups

umm...ummm...ummmmm.....   I keep trying, and I'm just not getting the point of your comment.  What school affiliations for groups competes with a merger with BOA?  (I don't think WGI is a reality to consider).  DCI and BOA join and run programs year-round.  

Pretend I'm a simpleton and 'splain it to me, please.

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2 hours ago, Fred Windish said:

I’m willing to give anything a look, but am getting closer to my “drop off” point.

Agree! Been my drop off point for awhile now. DCI will fill the empty seats left from those of us who have reached their drop off point with those who can’t wait to hear Crowns woodwind acrobatics, or the screams from those new fans after every equipment toss and catch. Still waiting for the over and under on sousaphones this season. 

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1 hour ago, garfield said:

It's apparent that USBands is not longer a real challenge, and that BOA is, actually, the "Major League" of HS competition circuits.  Maybe there's more synergy to be captured by a closer alignment if not full-on merger of the two.


BOA is a series of regional shows with a national championship in Indy. It is more aligned with DCI in concept than band circuits in general. 

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1 hour ago, Tim K said:

Something else that has surprised me is that over the years, none of the band circuits have attempted summer programs for marching band. 

The beginnings of BOA as MBA in the 70's was during the summer. The first fall Grand Nationals wasn't until 1980. My school would spend the spring learning a summer show and in August learn a different show for the fall competitions.

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38 minutes ago, FlamMan said:

Much like the Madison scouts with CK, DCI should have canned DA many years ago. There is way too much bando influence in drum corps these days and what used to be a clear distinction between drum corps and band will be completely gone. Who the heck wants to hear flutes and clarinets in a drum corps show? No thanks.

The DA ship sailed long ago.  He's staying.  Get used to it.  That doesn't speak to anyone else and the contention has been since the G7 days that the DCI offices need a good fat-trimming at least, or "...let's let the corps run the DCI functions and we'll be Board and Executive at once" at worst.  DA is STILL not the correct recipient of your fire and venom for the activity turning toward band.  He is, by his own admission, the very best ED that his Board wants him to be.  If you'd finally get the structure of DCI through your head, you'd see your ire should be directed at the voting membership of the activity.  The activity votes these decisions and DA sets off to implement them and market the shows and promote the activity.  The corps make the decisions not the ED of DCI.

So, another one bites the dust with you then?  Drum corps can certainly be the "Major League" and still be bound to the only other sizable participant in the Marching Music For Kids activity.  It's not like when you don't want your food touching on your dinner plate.  We won't DIE if the filet mignon is touching the cheesy scalloped potatoes (I'll leave you to decide which idiom of marching music is which).

But, your vote is registered now as you intended and you should wait until the Rules Congress is over, and even until you actually see the end product, before you condemn it.  There are reasons to be optimistic even as you shoo change off your lawn.  :whip:


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