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1st view finals prediction...

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19 minutes ago, DCFAN said:

Just my opinion but I think it's Crossmen's to lose at this point!  The last show Crossmen swept Colts in all sub captions and Colts even lost to music city in GE.   I also did see the Troopers preview show and I don't see it as a finalist show.  Troopers guard may be their weakest caption.

Don’t lock that in just yet. One show does not a season make! A LOT of season to go get! Still, this is FUN STUFF! All these kids are rocking it out!

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23 hours ago, MikeRapp said:

1. BD

2. SCV

3. Bluecoats

4. Carolina Crown

5. Boston 

6-10: Cadets




Blue Stars

11/12: too early to say

I would say after the early season looks, the one 1 question is Cadets in 6th I think 10th is more realistic as their show is relatively clean and safe but lacks the challenging demand. IDK if their show can evolve and bring more out of their performers. 

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I'll take a SWAG at this...  Note, I think 7-11 -and maybe even 6-11 is a complete mish-mash right now.  I could see almost any order of the 7-11 corps, and wouldn't be shocked if Cavaliers get nipped by someone in that group.

1.  BD

2.  Crown (super close)

3.  Bluecoats

4.  Boston

5.  SCV

6.  Cavaliers

7.  Phantom Regiment

8.  Blue Stars

9.  Cadets

10.  Blue Knights

11.  Mandarins

12-14.  Crossmen, Colts, Madison

15-17.  Academy, Troopers, Pacific Crest

I'll know more after getting to see shows in person, starting with Ogden, DATR, Denton & San Antonio!  


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Before we dive into this, I have a disclaimer.  I love all the corps and have enjoyed all the productions this year.  Having said that I have nothing against any of the corps and only take a subjective stance when predicting/guessing finals.  Based on what I’ve seen I expect this to be the most competitive year yet top to bottom. Each color code represents the competitive positions finals night.



Blue Devils

Typical Blue Devils clean show.  Very Strong in all categories.  What I found surprising was the color guard didn’t seem to be as strong as years past…Maybe just an off night but seemed to be the weakest part of the show if you can call it that.  Will compete for the title.  Very enjoyable show.

Blue Coats

Seem to have found their design groove.  Super clean brass that sounds like they are holding back a tad bit compared to other corps around them.  I expect more power as they unleash the hounds. I love the uniforms as they add an extra visual component compared to other corps.  I expect this show to compete for the crown. Strong all over. Great percussion, brass and color guard.  Could use less narration. Low brass needs more power to balance out the sound. Synthesizer needs more balance with the horn line.

Santa Clara Vanguard

This year’s show will compete for the crown. Very clean, Fantastic brass, percussion and color guard.  I expect percussion to take the crown this year. The Corp is strong everywhere and I think they have a real shot at winning.  Drill is very challenging and executed very well for this early in the season.  Right now the weak part are the color themes throughout the show…I expect that to change very soon.


Carolina Crown

Another fantastic show from Carolina, horn line will compete for the crown if more contrast is added to the arrangements.  They are clean as hell but the power level is high and doesn’t change enough to create beautiful moments that I’m used to hearing from Crown.  That’s just something I expect and admire from Crown.  I believe their percussion and marching will hold them back from winning but as usual they will have a shot.




After my second view of this show I expect the Cavaliers to leap frog over BAC.  I believe their brass and percussion execute at a higher level.  Their weak spot is the color guard that just feels underwhelming to me.  I’m not sure if it’s the size or if they’re getting lost in the design.  Their uniforms definitely don’t help. They need to make some quick changes soon or they may end up behind Boston.



Boston Crusaders

I’ve faced a lot of criticism fans from every corp. over this prediction, needless to say this is just my opinion based on what I have seen and heard.  There are a few things I believe will hold Boston back this year.  Primarily the simplicity of the production.

The drill design has a lot of follow the leader and scatter drill which in my opinion will hold them back. There are also restrictions in the brass arrangements that will not allow much room to improve on G.E. scores. There are more than a few spots were only a small ensemble plays while the rest of the corp. marches around.  This makes the show less difficult and even goes so far as to expose the percussion to unnecessary observation and critique. There is no place for them to hide. Execution from all area’s is outstanding but not strong enough to compete for the top spot.  My biggest problem is that I expect this show to max out well before Championship weekend.

Before I continue, from what I have seen and heard the top six just may be the best top 6 in the history of the sport.


Phantom Regiment

My expectations for Phantom has changed due to the recent covid outbreak and no one is talking in their camp as to the severity. I may come back and amend this within the next week should they make it back into competitive play.  I expected Phantom to move up dramatically due to their execution and difficulty of their show.  Percussion and drill execution seems to be a weak spot this year however the use of the platforms/cheese cake/ gurneys have more negative effect on the show than they a worth. I’m not sure why it is taking this long to make them a useful part of the show.  I’m putting them no lower than 7th. They must make a move soon.  I’m starting to believe the drill is too tough for the kids to execute and that it's tough for the sake of being tough.  Covering down and spacing seems to be a fundamentals issue as well.  I’m looking at this as a building year and hope that the coming years offer everything need to compete for a top 5 position or more.      

The Cadets

Another building year for the cadets as this show is lacking in all area’s.  For the cadets its unexpectedly sloppy and not nearly clean enough to rise above 8th place.




I really enjoyed this show.  I found their soloists outstanding and their music a step up from previous years. Execution will put them out of reach compared to corps below them.  Hoping this becomes a regular thing for the Mandarins.  I’d love to see another West Coast corp competing with the corps above the top seven.



Blue Stars

This show should keep them in the top 12 as it is another nice show.  I found myself a little bored and underwhelmed with the production.  There is in my opinion a definite gap in difficulty compared to corps. above them.  I’m a little disappointed and expected more from the Blue Stars production team. I don’t expect this show to have the staying power in the end.



The colts have a nice show this year with a very good horn line.  The arrangements have some nice moments which allow the hornline to impress, especially their low and middle brass.  Only thing is they seem a tad bit strong compared to the trumpets.  The weak point to me is their color guard.  Another that seems to get lost on the field.  The colors just meld into the rest of the corp. I expect them to make finals night 


Crossmen- This show is another nice show from the Crossmen.  I’m not totally convinced this will make finals night.   The main thing holding this back is the drill design and execution.  For me, it doesn’t have much difficulty in it.  The execution is off all over with innumerable gaps throughout. I love the color guard and the props they maneuver around the field. I would love to see them get over the lower corp hurdle.


Madison Scouts

Madison has a very entertaining show this year. Several issues come to mind as I examine this show.  Brass have a nice clean sound but are underwhelming for the Scouts. Throughout the show there are moments where they could rip your face off or provide a beautify sound but you’re left wanting more. The percussion remain an issue and seem to struggle with a relatively easy book.  The color guard get lost in the field and appear to be struggling to sell their portion of the show. Maybe its just me, but this is not the Madison Scouts I competed against.


Blue Knights

This years corp. has me a little perplexed.  I like the opening drill work but the hocky pucks just don’t do it for me.  I’m thinking they will add color to these eventually but if not I’m not sure how they add to the show.  Right now there is a lot of dirt in all area’s and will need major touchups to make it to championship night.



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Not counting anyone out just yet, but it’s wierd how we’re all kindof ignoring the multiple points crossmen and academy are ahead of all of the other finalist contendors

very hard for me to imagine colts/Madison/Troopers being viable for finals when these two are so far ahead 

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1 hour ago, Phantombari1 said:

Blue Coats

To the loyal, passionate, diehard "Bluecoats" fans..................

I get it now. That even bugs me just a little bit. 

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On 7/5/2022 at 10:48 AM, TexasPRfan said:

10.  Blue Knights

11.  Mandarins

Mandarins beat BK by three points in their only head to head matchup in Tempe AZ. Although we have seen crazy things happen, i have a hard time seeing BK catch AND pass this Mandarins show. 

But they do go head to head tonight in Boise. So we will see. Wouldn't be shocked if Mandarins open up that three point gap even more tonight. 

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On 7/2/2022 at 10:47 PM, MGCpimpOtimp said:

Man... I'll have what you're having! Boston in 9th?! Phantom in 4th?!

Maybe flip those two!

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14 hours ago, Chief Guns said:

Wouldn't be shocked if Mandarins open up that three point gap even more tonight. 

Called it. This Mandarins show is no joke. People better start putting some respect on the Mandarins name. 

This isn't your Grandfather's Mandarins..............

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