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10 hours ago, Metalbinky said:

I wonder if Hartwell and Co. take bent knee technique to Phantom.... bent knee kick halt?  

Please, God, don't let that happen! 

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47 minutes ago, old skool drmmr said:

heavily Rennick influenced

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Look at these hires as a whole. JD inherited Rob Ferguson. Jeremy Hunt wrote the visual when JD came back. After a year they hired Steven Estudillo (a great hire), whose very good work at Pacific Crest put him on the radar. Then, percussion people with strong SCV roots. Paul Rennick was probably never available to them, so this is the next best thing.

The California look of this design team is no accident. JD is putting his imprint on the whole project.


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56 minutes ago, musicteacher said:

JD is putting his imprint on the whole project.


Will Pitts sadly didn't work out as arranger. But to me his bigger failing was in not being able to attract talented designers to work with him. The perfect example of this was the drill design choice for the 2019 season (though a counter example, however unsuccessful, could be Wes Cartwright). Finding talented designers and caption leaders does not appear to be a problem anymore. 

As an aside... I wish Will would've been interested in the corps director position. Seems that would've been a great fit for him.

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