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7 hours ago, Euph74 said:

What should be positive about the new team is the ties between the caption lead and Saucedo as well as his ties to the Rhythm X organization, as there is a good bit of crossover with Rhythm X and the percussion instructional team. Thought they demonstrated a solid approach to brass and got good results with BK, especially for being a young team (Tye is younger than Leboeuf). Time will tell, hoping for the best for the boys and the org overall.

Also the guard team has some great ties as well. Boston, Crown and Pride of Cincinnati. Doesn’t get much better then that. Hopefully helps with recruiting and bring the overall caption into the now. Unfortunately while the guard has always been entertaining their technique and design hasn’t been rewarded by the judges for quite some time.

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10 hours ago, rmurrey74 said:

Hmm Carmel, Avon, and Center Grove pipelines to Phantom would be nice.

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2 hours ago, kdaddy said:

Not sure I've ever felt Regiment was making better moves than Cavies... until now.

Phantom making BIG BOSS moves!! I hope all the SCV moves can help move the needle.

Keeping Sage is smart - he taught me at Cavies before Cadets and he’s just a good guy with exceptional taste. 

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