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How does one go about starting a drum corps? Is there official protocol? Or do you just go "hey we're a drum corps" and boom? you're a corps now?

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Step 1: Be a billionare

Step 2: Cultivate a desire to be a millionare instead


Step 4: don't profit

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Organize a board of directors

File articles of incorporation

Apply for a 501c3 thru the IRS

Focus on raising funds

buy equipment

seek expert advice on what it really costs to run a drum corps

seek MORE expert advice on how to operate daily, food, medical, transportation, communication, logistics, partnerships, grants, gaming laws in your state, etc etc etc etc.

Keep spending your money on equipment, vehicles, property, invest .... not on people

Wait 3-5 years until you have a few million $$$ in the bank .. then worry about being a drum corps


If you're smart, you'll focus more on programs that service your local community, build those bridges before you add a drum corps as a program.


Best of luck

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This was purely theoretical but man what a headline. "Controversial DCI Fangirl Starts Corps, People Confused"

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