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The Cavaliers 2024

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On 9/9/2023 at 1:02 PM, GREENBLUE said:

Exactly. Why spend the money when you don’t need to. Especially if you just won high drums with a small amount of age outs. 
Brass also cut back to two cities, hopefully high retention rate from this season. 
On the other hand guard has 4 audition cities thru the fall. Trying to ride the success of a 6th place finish and a new guard program. Attract More talent and they can definitely be a top 5 guard.

It is looking like this is a similar strategy for more corps. Work smarter not harder and save $$ all around.  Mm’s are getting so much better that a full winters worth of camps can be accomplished with fewer and more efficient camps and ST lengths. You just have to run really well organized camps and ST. Success comes from corps who figure it out. 

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Ok..they totally need to brand the food truck with a Bob's Burgers theme now.


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Man, that dude is young. Surprised he's shaving. Best of luck to him. He's leading a very proud and sacred organization. 

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We were rooting for you @Hook'emCavies  We wanted to see what 165 tubas marching on the field would be like a whole lot.  

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53 minutes ago, Hook'emCavies said:

Just saw that they hired a new CEO

Cavies hired a new director but my sources tell me that the real power behind the throne calling the shots is not the new director but an unassuming, positive, and always loyal and rabid Cavies fan from Texas who loves low brass. With this guy in charge, contra manufacturers from coast to coast are salivating at the prospect of DCI’s first all contra corps. 🙂

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Ya know, I'm sitting here eating dinner before I finish my work day.... and I'm listening to the 2023 production. 

I got a flashback to how it felt when The Cavaliers drumline nailed the Casey Claw. It felt completely different than your normal feature/first place performance. It was dominant and I KNEW they were going to win the percussion trophy. I never felt that type of feeling (honestly, 2011 didn't feel like this). I really hope this is a sign of excellence down the road because, well, gosh darn it! I want to see my Cavies destroy everyone!!! Sure, it's not about championships, but gosh darn it! Win one for me and I will fly to Indy to celebrate!

I'm excited for 2024!

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