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The Staff Merry-go-round

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Or we could assume that people who ask questions have no ulterior motives and really want to know more. 

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7 minutes ago, Grandpa Joe said:


This fella is so darn cute.

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1 hour ago, MikeD said:

Mod hat here....

As is known, personal attacks aimed at posters is against DCP guidelines. Please dial back the commentary about posters.



It is known…

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 Broadening this topic a bit on " judges " backgrounds ( off topic, and not related to " Staff Merry Go Round in the least ),  I think it would be beneficial for DCI to provide the public with the venue where any fan could find the list of its judges and their bios/ experiences/ education/ training. For ALL the judges. Those who have judged since 1972, those judging as new judges, and everybody in between in terms of years they have judged. Full transparency. Personally, I dont have a bone to pick with any of them. I trust they're trained properly and have the requisite skills. That said, I would like to know more about each of them. I believe most fans would as well, including those new to the activity. I'd like that info to be available in a central setting too... easy to find. Perhaps on that same site, could be an explanation given to both new and veteran fans alike as to how competitions are judged and scored, and an explanation of the various captions and the point breakdowns. Such info IS available, but not really all that easy to find, imo. Put such info along with the current judges, and allow fans and marchers alike to be further educated on this activity we all love so well. afterall, knowledge and education is a good thing... not a bad thing.

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