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40 minutes ago, MarimbaManiac said:

As a front ensemble member, stories from people who marched in 95 were the definition of trauma dumping. 

No kidding. From some of the Jones Showcase ###### crew? Color me shocked.

Indeed, the trauma dumping is ignored and/or normalized among alum. Both the previous and current CEOs are guilty of this to varying degrees.

Don't tell me that doesn't trickle onto the field.

40 minutes ago, Jeff Ream said:

Not enough intel to say more honestly 

Fair. Wish I could share more and maintain my morals.

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I've been around this activity more than 40 years, and I've never heard of "trauma dumping".  What are you people talking about?

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4 hours ago, Richard Lesher said:


CPA audit signature



@Richard Lesher

You appear to have the most inside information and appear to be able to provide supported factual information (i.e., links to the DOJ website/forms etc.)

Can you confirm if the above statement from the auditor is correct?  The auditors completed the audit on Nov 6. 2018 for their Fiscal Year ending Oct 31, 2018.  Am I reading that wrong?  6 days to complete an audit in 2018?  Am I missing something? Also is there a BOD connection to this audit firm?

Also can you (or anyone else) confirm the accuracy of the statement just released by VMAPA that they had accounting/bookeeping turnover (what was the typical staffing there for the organization) in the timeframe that was mentioned?  Also can you (or anyone else) confirm that they changed accounting systems?  Can you provide a timeline on the CFO & CEO situation around the same time period?  If I recall what's been reported correctly it was just basically a case of musical chairs until the recent departure of the CFO?

I'm just looking for some FACTs.  If you don't mind just answering the questions w/o color commentary it would be much appreciated. I get the regulatory issues they currently are in but I'd like to come to my own conclusions.


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39 minutes ago, TOC said:

MM couldn't handle tough teaching/correction?

No idea about what is being discussed, but let’s not get into victim blaming without facts.

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8 minutes ago, Barneveld said:

Nobody was victim blaming anyone. @craiga asked what a certain term "trauma dumping" meant. @TOC was trying to answer his question.

And the “answer” was saying possibly the MM was too weak to handle tough criticism.

IOW the instructor wasn’t the problem, it was the MM. 

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