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my favorite Cadets shows

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1982 is my favorite.  It's the first show I ever saw, and was a real game changer with Zingali's drill and that horn line.  The  beginning of what would become decades of dominance in the activity.  1982 really put the rest iof the drum cops world on notice.  I marched Cadets starting in 1984, so I never watched that show live.  But I suspect 1984 could be one of the best drum corps shows ever.  I am devastated that I will never again get chills when I see the maroon and gold take the field.  

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On 4/4/2024 at 11:12 AM, Jeff Ream said:

1991 needs more love for the bookends. not so much the 10 minute ballad

IDK, I kinda adore that ballad, and the visual presentation that went along with it.  I've heard from many who marched in 1991 how many boo's they received in some towns (coughTheSouthcough) over the end of that ballad 'story' and the coupling.  I dig that show and agree that's it a bit of an underrated Cadets classic (that must've been hell to perform as a snare drummer, with a tenor harness sitting pretty high-up to clear the snare harness that rode a big low).

Honestly, I feel like Cadets from, like, 1982 through the early/mid 00's was one banger of a show after another; even their 'missteps' were adventurous and I often 'respected' their designs years I didn't like them

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Every second of 1987 Appalachian Spring.  That show plus SCV’s Russian Christmas Music (in the same year), especially the low brass at 2:26, hooked me on drum & bugle corps.

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12 hours ago, Hook'emCavies said:

I loved their 2009 show

Yes.. The 25th anniversary of WEST SIDE STORY was exciting while examining more of the WSS repertoire...That crazy ending sequence blew me away and the overall drill was classic Cadets..One of my favorites also

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I will list my favorite years here in a minute. But first, want to mention something I have admired that may have been overlooked…. 

In high school, my marching band took a few cues from Cadets in how you approach the field, as well as how to stay disciplined and act at retreat. 
That said, can I say here about a tradition I always saw of them that I really loved?

Coming onto the field in that sharp, disciplined look. The block, for many years,  always impressed me. Also, standing at retreat in attention and parade rest. No clapping, yelling, or otherwise….disciplined, crisp, and classy. I also watched them at retreat in amazement of their discipline. 

But here is the thing- while being so strict and disciplined ….there was this completely ironic thing about them too. They were the most willing to be different and  take risks. 

Let’s start with some of the basic things ….marching with the right foot first. If you also looked at their marching style, you will notice this  thing they did with raising their elbows on angles, and marching backward on their heels during slow sections, ( instead of their toes). Then, of course, raising the bar as to how fast they could take their trademarked and owned mantra of music equals movement. Those parts of the the show in 1986 and 1987 where for 3-4 minutes straight the tempo is soaring at 150- 175 bpms, you feel like you are soaring with them. 

More recently, we saw them taking a risk to innovate voice. So much so, it polarized them for several years. In particular, a year where they would be further west then they had ever been for finals, and you hear how polarizing their show was in the  crowd at their Finals performance. 

All this being said, I think it’s worth mentioning that these things have been influential to a lasting legacy. 

My favorite shows: 

1. 1985 

2. 1986 

3. 1988 

4. 1991 

5. 1993 

6. 1998 


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