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my favorite Cadets shows

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I hate to see them go, but I'm glad they were here. A few favorites...

1993, In the Spring - My first year to watch DCI on PBS, and still my favorite Cadets brass arrangements.

2000, We are the Future - They slowed it down and still won.

1997, Celebration - The best of their brass band era.

1995, An American Quintet - Early props.

1992, To Tame the Perilous Skies - Cadets and Holsinger.

Very 1990s heavy. I really liked 2022 and 2023, and I thought they were on a great path, but nothing in the last couple decades holds up to the 90s in my mind.

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Whatever year they did the peace sign.  It was either 1971 or 72.  It was considered VERY controversial by the VFW crowd at the time; "#### Commie Hippies"!

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20 minutes ago, Slingerland said:

The run of 83/84/85 & 87 was a once in a lifetime series of shows.

Yup, the Zingali years were the peak for me, especially 87. 

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82 changed the game. 83 expanded it. 82 never gets enough love, but i love it.


84....yup. 87 oh yes. 89 OMG! 93 oh yes. 98 too. 2000....oh yes. 05 has grown on me. 11 Sacktigs masterpiece. 13.i'll even throw love to 80 and 81.

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1998 Stonehenge made me a permanent fan.

Then I started looking back, before I was a fan, and 1992 To Tame the Perilous Skies is probably my favorite.

2011 Between Angels and Demons was their last masterpiece, and my favorite memory of seeing them live in Indy.

1987 Appalachian Spring sometimes brings a tear.

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