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Based on announced repertoire alone, what show/shows are you most looking forward to?

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I really love the playlist from Crossmen and Colts.. I also listened to all of Bluecoats rep and its EXACTLY what I expect from them. I'm champing at the bit for the tour to start. 

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They've got some good mojo going with all this dark stuff recently. 

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based solely on repertoires because i couldn't care less about concepts/themes:

crown (no rep yet right?, but it's mackey stuff, so i'm in)




blue stars


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I'll just say all of them.

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Scouts - Sam Smith to Jefferson Airplane to Spanish Guitar…color me intrigued. 

Bloo - Eclectic and impossible to pin down. I would expect nothing less. 

Boston - I’m always interested to see what they come up with. 

Troopers - Dark, brooding and makes me want to quote Tombstone all day. Come on. It’s gold. 

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I'm looking forward to all the music from every WC/OC show. 

These amazing kids could be doing numerous other things right now. Yet they are currently busting their butts all over the country to prepare to entertain knuckleheads like me all summer. 

I will do my part in celebrating and cheering all of the them, regardless of their repertoire. 

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My concern is this....though I saw some fine selections within the corps' repertoire selections,

my personal opinion is that if you have eight or more selections within such a short period, it

makes it quite difficult for anything to fully develop musically.  This "snippets" style of arranging

has been going on for quite a bit of time now, though, so I guess it works for some.  Also, I believe

that those selecting the music believe that everyone will be fully familiar with most or all of their

selections, which is likely untrue.  For me, musical continuity is key, regardless if I know the work

or not, and can be lacking when too many pieces are attempted to be woven into the product.

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I will say one thing about this topic:

For me, it is really not what is being played. It is how it is arranged.

I generally know, from recent experience, that I will enjoy the Bluecoats no matter what they play because the way they arrange their book, it is always tasteful, well integrated between sections, and just mostly works.

There are groups that are like that and there are groups that are the opposite. The corps in each group change from year to year though.

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