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  1. Since Corps Uniforms are starting to look like Figure Skaters Outfits. Let's Match the Corps to Outfit! Staring Johnny Weir!
  2. Cadets 2018

    I toured with The Cadets in 2016 and almost every year 2005-2016. Boston hired some GREAT instructors. Gino, Steve, Colin, Iian and the rest are the best of the best when it comes to teaching. I know for a fact they care about the kids music education, their health, performance and the kids overall drum corps experience. These are great guys and great educators. You won't find a smarter or more passionate group teaching in Drum Corps. They also have a synergy from working so many years together. Boston has one hell of a Music staff. As for the Cadets- I don't know much of the new staff but, Tom Aungst is on that Mount Rushmore of great Percussion instructors with Collin and Beddis etc..
  3. Sign the Petition

    I agree the safety of the young adults and kids are priority. I also think if you are going to hit us with the heavy artillery don't be nameless and faceless.
  4. All time shows: Carolina Crown

    1.E=MC2 - I just love this everything about this show. Great music, Great Drill, Great Visual, Excellent guard, Loved the voices up front. First year they wore the crowns which are so cool! And, Quantum Physics to boot! I wish there was a video of just the voices during the whole show they had some pretty cool choreography. 2. Grass is always Greener- Promise of Living (So Beautiful) Such good Storytelling, Great corps. This was the year I knew Crown was on the right track to win one of these things. 3. RachStar- Just a fun show to watch! Always a standing Ovation! 3. Bohemia- It took a lot of Balls to put this on the field in 2004. I used to give them a Standing Ovation every time I saw them for being so daring. Beat Poetry, A quintet singing Season of Love from Rent and those sharp cream uniforms with purple accents! They placed 7th but you knew they were on the move up! 5. For the Common Good- Awesome Show but, It lacked color! I wish in the final Push they would have put out the boldest most iridescent guard equipment possible, I think that would have put them over the top! Awesome organization, Awesome people
  5. 2018 Staff Announcements (new thread)

    Wow! SCV's just went from Awesome to a different kind of Awesome!
  6. Allentown - selling pair both nights

    I'm interested if you haven't sold them.
  7. USMC Drum Corps Making America Wait Again! For Scores!
  8. This is the first time Ever in All my years of watching Drum Corps, That In Enjoyed The USMC Drum Corps!
  9. Did anyone else get that GLITCH at the beginning of Cadets show?
  10. It's Time! SCV is Amazing!

    This was the second time I tried to log on to FloMarching with no success. I get to the Sign On page and it"s stuck in Loading mode. They email me a link, I get to the sign on page and it gets stuck in Loading Mode. #### It!
  12. Cadets 2017

    I agree with this! Now. But, These shows evolve so quickly over the summer. Let's see who evolves best!
  13. Bluecoats have pulled off another amazing crowd-pleasing show. Strong in all captions. Can't wait to see it come August!