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  1. The Associates title in 1979. I remember people claiming there was a planned conspiracy against Crossmen in favor of Troopers that year, especially after the penalty Crossmen received in prelims.
  2. Is Atlanta in or out?

    Only went to the Georgiadome once for the Atlanta regional. I could not get to either Indy or Allentown in 2014 and but was in the south and made sure it was on my itinerary. I had great seats and was surrounded by high school and college kids. The enthusiasm was contagious.
  3. Boston Crusaders 2018

    Describing the Plymouth alumni show as loud is the understatement of the century!
  4. Video edits 2017

    I'm surprised more corps did not have edits to their show. I'm not surprised with BAC and I think if not predicted last summer, many thought it would never make the final edit which is too bad since it was such a powerful moment and so well done. I half expected Cadets to have some issues since the Leonard Bernstein Foundation can be rather picky as many both inside and outside the drum corps world know (ask local theater and high school drama groups for their experiences). I was certain Crown would have issues. As I write this I know blame is often placed with DCI, the corps, or both. I wonder if licensing is so subjective in some cases whether the problem can be solved. A friend of mine was contacted by a lawyer about a year ago. She developed an early childhood program about daily living skills that included a song about brushing your teeth. The program was included in a book and was copyrighted which included the song. A private school wanted to use the song in a promotional video and in order for it to happen, she had to approve its use and had the right to see the video, all for less than $3 in royalties! She could have said no for any reason. Now if a Kindergarten teacher who wrote a song over twenty years ago and had all but forgotten about it had veto power, can you imagine what authority Chris Isaak (I assume he wrote "Wicked Game") and a major music publisher would have? I think with intellectual property it's hard to have a one size fits all policy.
  5. 2000: Red. One of my all time favorite shows, period. 2002 You are my Star: just what we needed at the time. I recall watching it a few days after the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013 and it was still powerful. 2012: Titans: they went to California that summer so I did not see it until they came to Massachusetts later in the season. Amazing performance in Indy. 2016: Quixotic: yes it had its flaws, yet there should have been some changes, but those kids worked hard to sell it, especially at semi's. 1978: Thought they should have made finals for the first time that year, so did many others, at least in the Boston area.
  6. 2018 Show Announcent/Rumors?

    My vote goes to Cadets. Whether 2017 was you're favorite or less than your favorite, no one can deny that negotiating with the Leonard Bernstein Foundation and getting the rights for "Mass" in the first place was a huge accomplishment, given how finicky and at times inconsistent the Leonard Bernstein Foundation can be, which schools and local theater groups can attest. They lose no credibility if they do not perform Bernstein next year, though I would have loved to see a "West Side Story" redo, or "On the Town" and some have suggested "Candide" or "Wonderful Town." The foundation will be fine since this is the centennial year of Bernstein's birth.,
  7. BOA Finals - Indy - Nov 11

    I have no idea where these bands would place in DCI since I've never seen them live, but the kids are between 13-18, many school districts probably have policies that all kids must participate (I have heard a few schools have more than one band, but I would assume they are the exception), some kids may just be learning to march, not all have played their instruments as long as kids in DCI WC, etc. To expect the bands to be at the same level as DCI, especially WC finalists is unreasonable and your points are well taken. I think it's amazing they do as well as they do. I think with both DCI and school music programs, we're talking about kids, very talented and motivated kids, but kids nonetheless. Keep that in mind and your amazement will know no end.
  8. Cadets 2018

    Didn't know they still made Scope!
  9. Sign the Petition

    My guess would be defense lawyers would agree with your friend, but prosecutors would say sexual offenses are under reported, and those that are most likely are true.
  10. Sign the Petition

    The likelihood of DCI getting sued for making accusations public is slim but it would be highly unethical to make accusations public if the accusations are false. In order to sue you would also have to prove DCI made the accusations public to slander the corps or staff involved which would be difficult. DCI gets multiple accusations a year? This is a bit surprising and something I would question. First if an accusation is made and it is a minor, it would be criminal and the authorities in the state where the abuse took place, not DCI would determine if the accusation is false. Likewise if the person making the accusation is over 18 and accuses the person of rape, it is not up to DCI to determine the accuracy of the accusation. It has to be turned over to the authorities in the state where it allegedly took place. If the conduct is not criminal, DCI's only responsibility would be to report it to the corps, but DCI would need to document it. In this case, DCI should not speak about it directly if it turns out the accusation is false, but it is not DCI's responsibility to determine the truth of an accusation.
  11. Cadets 2018

    It's in the mid 30's right now north of Boston in the Merrimack Valley, and two college age kids just walked through our parking lot wearing shorts and a t-shirt, no coat or sweatshirt. Kids tend to run warm. It may well be the 21 and holding crowd that will be impacted by the cold and not the potential marching members. So if you want to be a Cadet, play well but also bribe the staff with thermal gloves and lots of coffee!
  12. You're correct and the story I was referring to in the earlier post is not recent (probably about two years ago). In the Greater Boston area Pop Warner Football had been declining for years and soccer was often to blame, then lacrosse and rugby gaining popularity was seen as a factor, but I am sure that the recent local declines (one local group could barely field a team, one city with two programs recently combined and even with that had smaller numbers) is due to concerns about concussions.
  13. Perhaps, but a local TV station reported about fewer kids playing football, believing it was due to concussions, but the theory was blown out of the water when it was pointed out that more kids are playing lacrosse and rugby and that basketball and hockey coaches prefer soccer as a fall sport because it requires more running and is better for conditioning. More athletic choices, fewer football players. For drum corps, we know cost is a factor, family size could be a factor as well, but I think a wider choice of activities plays a major role too.
  14. Cadets 2018

    Just watched the Weather Channel. You're all but guaranteed clear skies for Saturday but the only warmth you'll get are thoughts.
  15. I believe corps have missed shows due to traffic issues. At some point during Boston's "Big Dig" I seem to remember a corps being late due to traffic. I can't remember the corps or the show, though it must have taken place in either Beverly or Lynn, MA and a few corps performed encores while we waited for them to arrive. However, when it comes to Indy, I think most corps give themselves ample time so they would not miss a performance and if there was a genuine catastrophe, accommodations would be made, and such catastrophes can happen in any city. Also, the housing issues are due to the school year begining prior to Labor Day in most parts of the country. So I wouldn't blame Indy for all these issues.