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    27th Lancers, Boston Crusaders, North Star, Holy Family Defenders,Madison Scouts, Garfield Cadets (still like the Cadets, but loved them back in the day), Phantom Regiment, Blue Stars (back in the day), Kilties
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    27th Lancers 1980 DCI finals, Phantom Regiment 1979 close second
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  1. I really enjoyed your articles, and of course getting the chance to meet you. I did send my regards to you in Allentown but the guys staffing the souvenir booth were trying to shut down, so you may not have received the message. You mentioned in your most recent article your personal growth this summer which was apparent to readers of your previous articles. This is not surprising. On DCP you often remind us of what drum corps is meant to be with the enthusiasm of youth and with a knowledge of the activity that is impressive. Thank you for giving your time to Bluecoats since in a way we were all beneficiaries, at least all of us who shouted “Bloo” throughout the season, thanks for sharing via DCW, and now that you may have a bit more free time, keep us in line here on DCP.
  2. Tim K

    Pioneer What Next?

    You have interesting points but I don’t think the directors would ever approve this idea since it would mean giving up a good deal of autonomy of their corps. Also I do not foresee the directors voting to give DCI more authority than it has now.
  3. Tim K

    Pioneer What Next?

    Just because I was curious (and had some time while getting an oil change), I looked up board requirements. The IRS does require that a nonprofit have a board that meets once a year and has guidelines of who should be on a board, but not requirements. Individual states can make requirements regarding a board. If we look at boards of drum corps, we see varying authority given to boards. My general observations: Some corps have boards that work well and keep the corps functioning. Some corps have boards that have too much power, often made up of alums, and strangle the corps. Some are primarily a fund raising arm but have little to do with the running of the corps. Some have reserve funds and control how much money the corps will receive which on the one hand is a check on the corps but if you do not have the right members can be problematic. Some are simply a rubber stamp for the director. The logical step for DCI would be to create a binding policy, not a set of guidelines or recommendations which it probably has, that says what a drum corps board should be, and the voting directors should approve such a document so that each board of a participating corps has the same responsibilities and directors have the same accountability from corps to corps. realistically, I do not see that happening because in order for it to happen, some corps would have to completely restructure.
  4. Tim K

    Pioneer What Next?

    It’s on this site in the thread on hazing.
  5. Tim K

    Pioneer What Next?

    I don't think legal remedies would help all that much. Most lawsuits of this nature have the plaintiff receiving 2/3rds of the money awarded and 1/3rd goes to the lawyer. Pioneer does not have the money and most likely does not have insurance to cover any judgments. So first you would need a lawyer to take it on pro bono or someone to foot the legal bills. We hear lots people speak about the board. A board only has the authority to do what is written in the bylaws of the organization. If the board is advisory only it has no authority, if it is juridical, does it have this authority? It depends on the bylaws. Perhaps there could be breech of contract issues, depending on what is written in the contract. The best we can hope for is that the voting members of DCI of DCI adopt safety standards each corps has to follow.
  6. Tim K

    Pioneer What Next?

    I agree that time to recorganize would be helpful. I’m not sure it is the same situation as Troopers. My memory is that finances for Troopers was a serious problem but I do not recall Troopers having the other issues Pioneer is facing. If another Bill Cook stepped in the picture and offered Pioneer a million dollars, the other issues would still be at the forefront. So I’d agree with you about a year, maybe two years off, but I would hope there would be specific goals and objectives about best practices, staff training, and the like.
  7. Tim K

    Pioneer Member Rant

    Without taking this thread in a totally different direction, I have been uncomfortable with the way some staff members have treated marching members in some of the top corps too.
  8. Tim K

    Pioneer Member Rant

    Regarding instruments, busses, etc., yes, that's what happens with a low budget. As far as common sense decisions and compassion for marching members, your annual budget can be $1, or $1,000,000, neither cost anything. Will you be in the running for a title with a $350,000 budget, no, would a higher budget help some of the equipment and instrument woes, perhaps, but many of the issues mentioned have little to with a lack of resources.
  9. Tim K

    Your 2018 Top 6

    Pacific Crest, Mandarins, SCV, and BD: I think it’s safe to say you like corps from California!
  10. Tim K

    Your 2018 Top 6

    1.Boston Crusaders 2. Bluecoats 3. Cadets 4. Pacific Crest 5. Music City 6. Troopers Toyed with a Blue Stars, Blue Devils, and Spirit. Open Class 1.Spartans 2. 7th Regiment 3 River City Rhythm 4. Louisiana Stars 5. Legends 6. Guardians
  11. Tim K

    Pioneer What Next?

    I don’t know this first hand, my knowledge of DCA is that of an occasional fan who attends shows if they are in my area, but what you say sounds plausible. Usually as DCA finals come closer, you see pictures posted with two or three generations marching in the same corps at the same time. I also recall a DCA show in Lynn about five years back where some teenaged marchers complained about not being allowed to “do anything” without checking with an adult. They were about 15. My guess is that there are probably marching members in some all aged corps the same age of the parents as some of the younger marching members. If you have a few people on a staff or in a the case of a DCA corps marching members who think like parents, they may not see it as their role to baby sit, but they would be attentive to the needs of younger members such as medical attention, meals, and the like.
  12. Tim K

    Crowd Love at Finals

    George, I think you know that is not what I'm saying, and when you think of the theme of the show, "The Unity Project," saying "We're all in this together" is a way of saying the show succeeded. With all that took place this past Spring, people not only responded to the show but also had admiration for the corps, and perhaps empathy, but certainly not sympathy.
  13. Tim K

    Crowd Love at Finals

    From where I was sitting, Section 140, thunderous applause went, in this order to SCV Bloo BAC Crown Cavies BD the most heartfelt applause: Cadets Enthusiastic/Welcoming: Mandarins Hard to say where Mandarins and Cadets would fall as fas as thunderous since there was a different feel for both.Cadets has a “we’re all in this together” feel to it. Blue Stars received a very healthy applause, I would say BK, PR, and Crossmen received about equal love.
  14. I think a great deal other than what we see on the field makes a season the greatest. For me, 1980 is always a favorite. My attending finals was watching finals on Boston’s PBS station, Channel 2 on the only TV set in the house. Saw lots of local shows that year, both national and circuit, but I has my license and could drive to shows and subscriptions to “Drum Corps World” and “Drum Corps News.” 1988 and 1989 had some of the greatest shows up to that point and many still find themselves on lists of favorites. In 1994 and 2005, finals were held near home. The entertainment level of 2011 as compared to previous years was huge and though I always enjoyed drum corps, my love was reinvigorated. 2012 was my first trip to Indy. 2013 I saw a new champion “crowned” for the first time. in 2016 I was caught off guard by the growth of quality in OC shows, plus we had a new first time finalist and a first time champion. For 2018, it may go down for me as one of the greatest, especially when I recall FREE Players and the fun on Saturday morning at SoundSport and Drum Line Battle. For me, it’s not just the competition, it’s the experience.
  15. Tim K

    Genesis 2018

    I think I expected a more creative show from Genesis, based on previous years in OC and last year in WC, but I was not disappointed in what I saw in Allentown or Indy. There are some small fixes that could have been made to the show though I don’t know if it would have changed much, so I’ll keep that to myself. But they are gaining a fan base at least in Boston and I like the variety the non finalists often bring, so stay in WC, work on a creative show for next year, and we’ll see what happens.