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  1. I've watched the video twice, and judging from some comments, some have watched it more than twice. This is not a professional video, and while the message is heartfelt, it may be too long and rambles more than a bit which is leading to a great deal of chatter here which is speculation at best. While having a business model for a non profit is always the best way, even with the best business plans, there are unexpected challenges. I know of a non profit medical clinic which served the poor had its line of credit revoked due to changes in insurance policies (pre Obama Care). The bank feared they would not be repaid. The organization survived, but barely. Smaller Catholic and private schools have been financially solvent at the beginning of a school year but something such as a boiler malfunction and students deciding not to return can change everything. With drum corps, how many over the years have been promised huge donations that at the last minute are cancelled? I know from experience that these kind of things can happen, and the pain, sleepless nights, etc. are real. Remember too, armchair designing or judging is very different than armchair directing a corps. As of now, they are 29% toward the goal. I hope it happens for them and I'm sure there will be lessons learned.
  2. Before we jump to conclusions about management, whether kids are in danger, etc., there is a great deal we do not know. We also need to remember most non profits such as schools, churches, youth organizations are often only two or three months away from serious financial issues. Also before we bring up Teal Sound, Glassmen, and other corps that folded due to finances, not all financial troubles are the same, and some that folded had financial issues but there were practices that had nothing to do with finances that made me wonder if the financial woes were the cause or a symptom. I do think Legends is a worthy organization. I don't think they will reach the goal though you never know, but if they can at least raise some, between 25-50% there might be a possibility that they may be able to work things out with creditors which I know is a huge maybe. So let's support them now in the hopes that this very exciting year will not have a major blotch. The kids in Legends deserve it and the overall activity needs it.
  3. My understanding was, that the tarps were incomplete and we would see something midseason. At least that was the scuttlebutt in Cranston. Since this is midseason and haven't seen anything yet, maybe we'll see something in a few days in San Antonio.
  4. Where would Boston Crusaders be without the people you mention? Hard to say since so many have been involved, even in small ways, since their marching days. Would they have survived? Maybe. My guess is Boston area folks involved in drum corps would have wanted at least one corps to survive but they would not have been BAC folks so the tradition and identity which is more than appearance would have been lost. Perhaps they would have made finals, but they would have been occasional visitors rather than finalists for 18 years with 19 looking very likely. What you would not have would include folks with the vision to create Inspire Arts or folks who could unite a very diverse alumni ranging from Depression Era kids to baby boomers, yuppies, generation X, and kids marching in recent years. While some may add good fundraising, the right development people could do that, perhaps not as successfully but it could be done. The folks with the vision which these people have, cannot happen without a love for the corps which in some cases began in their early teen years when they marched.
  5. There is a difference between favorite and best. My favorite corps is usually not the champion corps and some years that show may rank lower in my list of favorites than a good number of the corps in finals. I do understand why the corps that win do win, and in most cases agree, but a championship title does not necessarily mean favorite for me.
  6. 2007: Phantom Regiment 2008: Phantom Regiment 2009: Carolina Crown 2010: Bluecoats 2011: toss up Crown/Phantom 2012: Boston Crusaders 2013: Carolina Crown 2014: Santa Clara Vanguard 2015: Blue Devils 2016: toss up: Bluecoats/Cavaliers
  7. Tonight will be interesting for a number of reasons. The two I am most interested in are SCV and Crown. SCV had a higher score than BD and Bluecoats last night, granted in separate shows, but for me it made things more interesting. A friend who loves Crown and is usually pretty accurate in his predictions believes Crown has been underscored lately. After a healthy victory in Denver by Blue Devils, some have written off Bluecoats, but some claimed Bluecoats were off that night and the margin was closer last night. I'll be anxiously awaiting the scores.
  8. First, this is a Boston distinction between a milk shake and frappe. As the son and grandson of pharmacists who had stores with soda fountains, a frappe had ice cream and sauce/syrup, a milk shake just the sauce/syrup. I think this is how Brigham's distinguished the two as I believe Bailey's did. Friendley's has a thick frappe they called a Fribble which had ice cream and their milk shakes at one time used ice milk (remember that disgusting product) in place of ice cream along with syrup. Newport Creamery called their frappes Awful Awful's.
  9. I would like to see a new champion repeat victories. It has happened: SCV and Blue Devils repeated, the then Garfield Cadets three-peated. It does seem as if Blue Devils show has a bit more too it, and Bluecoats may be too similar to last year. However, Bluecoats did not have an undefeated season last year, and last year's Blue Devils show had more moving parts than Bluecoats (though I found Bluecoats more engaging) so writing off either corps at this point is foolish. I'm not surprised Blue Devils felt the love last night. It seems that since 2014, crowds have been responding more favorably to BD. In past years it does seem as if BD is loved as they move east, it begins to wane around San Antonio, decreases as the move towards Atlanta and up the coast towards Allentown, and can be mixed in Indy.
  10. And you would wash it down with a frappe, pronounced frap, not frap-pay, or a root beer float where the scoop of vanilla ice cream was put in first so that it actually floated to the top.
  11. I haven't noticed a huge difference in amplification this year as compared to last year. Perhaps I'll feel differently after Indy where I see all corps in a domed setting. What I do find problematic is a corps starting late due to electronic issues that are their responsibility and not stadium issues and not being penalized, issues regarding amplification during the show thst are in their control not impacting the scores, and non marching members mixing during shows and adjusting sound. Everyone involved in the show should be marching members. Some of these issues may change, but will I boycott shows because of any of these issues, no.
  12. For me, it's my camera with lenses. Do I need all the equipment? No, but I bring it anyway. I think people try to sneak in food as well.
  13. I agree. I think you need more than one meeting to make that kind of prediction. I'm waiting for San Antonio. You need SCV and Crown in the same show with BD and Bloo to see where things really stand.
  14. To be fair, I think the person I responded to thought that the future staff changes motivated the kids, not influenced the judges.
  15. I'm not sure I would agree they were "destined" and I say this as someone who hoped they would make finals and one of the only ones cheering about it in my section in Indy (sat with lots of Madison alums, a few board members, and proud parents). I saw Boston Crusaders in Quincy in early August things were looking better and Allentown was s good performance. Prelims was good but the kids were nervous, at least it appeared that way, and semi's almost had the "if this is going to be our last show, we're finishing with a bang" which turned out to be enough of a boost. In Quincy, there were rumblings of good things happening this year, no specifics, but tentative excitement, but in a stadium full of alums and longtime fans, as well as being a home show, is that out of the ordinary? Allentown was when names began to emerge and by Indy, lots of names circulated but of the many names, only Gino and Colin turned out to be accuarate and I don't recall hearing any of the guard names. Did the kids do a better job because the heard names? Maybe, but where some well connected alums did not know until announcements were made, this may not be likely. I think two good performances in Quincy and Allentown, combined with visiting MPB in Hyde Park, along with practicing at Lucas Oil on the Wednesday prior to prelims had more of an impact. The major criticism of last year was design. That didn't change when rumors of new staff circulated nor did it cause Madison to score slightly lower. Regarding whether Boston can maintain the staff and progress, of course that remains to be seen, but BAC is not just throwing money around, it is part of a strategic plan about three or four years in the making, and I'm sure that keeping good staff is part of that plan.