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  1. Shows in the Boston area have unique qualities, and one was Paul Cain and his famous "(Insert corps name), YOU" with an emphasis on you and often with the audience joining in and after a slight pause "may enter the field for competition." He loved drum corps, the kids involved, and his enthusiastic style was an audience favorite. Rest In Peace.
  2. Crown's 2012 show was cleaned up a bit. One soloist missed a note in finals that is fine on the CD and DVD. However, a missed note is minor in comparison to the amplification issues of this year's show.
  3. I think a combination would be great. As an avid reader, I my iPad which has the Kindle app is essential, but I want physical copies of certain books. I love my collection of DVD's though I love Netflix. Collectors will buy the physical products, as will those who do not download, but the second group has to be get back smaller. Profits could also play a role. Lesser known writers and musicians claim they make very little on downloads from iTunes, etc. but make a reasonable profit from books CD's. I'm assuming the number of BluRay/DVD sold by DCI would be less than 10,000 of any given year. A physical product may have a higher profit margin. I base the 10,000 number on requirements for being sold at big box stores such as Barnes and Noble. While a Barnes and Noble may sell a local writer' book or a local musician's CD, 10,000 units is the general guideline for national distribution. My thought is we would be able to purchase DVD's at B and N or BestBuy if there were more units. I don't recall ever seeing sales figures, so if I'm way off, I'll stand corrected.
  4. The larger charities are investigated far more often, especially if the chairs have large salaries or operating expenses are high.
  5. I was surprised Legends campaign was successful, and while some may have given just to say they saved the day or to feel good, I gave because I did not want kids stranded, and Legends has a good reputation. My guess is that's why most gave. There are many generous people who donate to drum corps. Some people on this site sponsor marchers. Most do not want recognition but most of those who gave who want accountability are concerned for the good of the corps and the activity. This is not an outrageous claim.
  6. I did hear in Indy from people working for DCI we might see 13-25 semi's and finals on DVD/Blu-Ray. I do not know how high up these people are, and it could be grasping at a straw wishful thinking on my part, but I would love to see these shows as well as Open Class finals. What I have heard is that licensing alone is not the problem. There has to be enough of a demand to make it profitable which has not been the case with the sales of 13-25 and Open Class finals in the past.
  7. I can tell you from experience that is not how the non-profit world works. Ethically Legends would be shooting itself in the foot, and legally if you can't account how money was spent prior to the plea and afterwards, you're an investigation waiting to happen.
  8. I knew the buses abandoned the kids, I never knew they took the luggage. What I do remember are the rumblings that went through the stadium at Beanpot. First we heard there was a bus breakdown , then word spread that there was an accident. There was an announcement that said Teal Sound would not apppear due to transportation issues but everyone was safe. I remember the blame game that followed when the corps folded which was ugly at best. I think looking back, the whole mess should not have been too surprising. While there have been examples on DCP and in the drum corps community of all smoke, no fire, we heard rumblings prior to the season that kids were told they had dues waived only to learn they were they were still expected to pay, discontented parents who pulled minor children out of the corps, and serious issues involving a staff member of something that happened outside the corps and that's not even getting to other rumors which may or may not be true. All in all, the whole situation is sad.
  9. We still don't know exactly what happened to Legends other than they needed money and since so many of us donated, we are due an explaination, Pioneer's issues were more specific and did come across at least to me, as unforeseen, but both differ from Teal Sound. For one thing, Teal Sound pulled out shortly after not arriving at Beanpot in Lynn which I believe was late June, and what would have been their second show. They probably should not have started their tour in the first place. We always point to Teal Sound or Glassmen when finances come up, but not all financial problems are the same, however you are 100% correct corps need to be preparing for emergencies.
  10. Seven years ago (2010) after Big, Live, and Loud, the consensus of the people I sat with, hardly nay-sayers and in one case, a then twenty something high school music teacher and middle school band director, was that within ten years the activity would be all but gone. While there were great shows, there were also difficult but not necessarily riveting shows. Drum corps seemed to be losing steam. Audiences were not that responsive, seats were empty. 2011, it was a night and day difference. I can remember my first live show that year. Everything seemed different and the enthusiasm was real. In 2010, I never thought I would hear Blue Knights and cutting edge in the same sentence, Bluecoats were always considered underrated, now they're the darlings. Open Class often seemed to try and copy World Class, now they are unique and coming into their own. Seven years ago my mother was still alive, nieces, nephews, cousins' kids were young, so my vacation choice was family time or attending Allentown and Indy. I chose family time, but this meant fewer live shows and all the G7 rumblings and infighting didn't get much chatter in Bristol, Lawrence, or Beverly, at least not the way you hear things at regionals and Indy. You could sense something was not right and the poor economy hit corps hard. Much of that is now in the past, and with the exception of lessons learned, that's where it should stay.
  11. In private school settings, paid tuition includes money collected and scholarships. This is done so unpaid tuition can be written off as a loss. So complimentary tickets, excluding marching members, may be included in paid tickets, unless it is considered an operating expense or perhaps an advertising expense if the purpose is to grow the audience, but a $0 ticket may be listed as paid. I can also recall when a school I was involved with put on "Godspell," we had to include complimentary tickets in the paid ticket category because the number of people in the audience determined how much was due to the publisher. You could do a production for the school as an assembly that could include students, faculty, and staff, but if anyone outside attended, they had to be counted as a ticket holder. My guess is this was due to abuse. I don't say this to stir the pot, but complimentary ticket holders outside of marching members do promote the health of the activity. They most likely increase revenues since many will make purchases and in all likelihood will attend again. With the success of some TOC shoes, increased attendance at regionals, and healthy attendance in Indy, not to mention Big, Loud, and Live, things are looking positive and we were not saying the same thing as little as ten years ago. Let's enjoy it.
  12. In theory, you may be correct in stating that the G7 proposal was for the good of all corps, but if that's the case, the messengers did a pretty lousy job of relaying it, and as they defended it, some rather ugly aspects surfaced. There were implications that the non G7 corps were draining DCI resources. It was implied people who attended shows only wanted to see G7 corps even though the fan base of Madison and Boston Crusaders and perhaps Troopers was larger and more loyal than some G7 corps. It was thought only G7 corps would place in the top seven in the future, which Cavaliers showed in 2012 would not be the case and ruled out the possibility of another darling coming along which Blue Knights proved incorrect as they made the top seven and gained new found fans. The TOC shows are successful, but I don't see how they are responsible for attendance increases in Atlanta, Allentown, and San Antonio. I can't see how they are responsible for record tryouts for non G7 corps.
  13. Age Outs

    I'm not sure this is always the case in professional sports and I'm not sure it works in drum corps either. It really depends on the individual. I know a young woman who marched with what was then a Class A corps, but wanted a taste of being in a Top 12 corps and she marched her age out year with one of the best. She loves this corps, but her heart is with the Class A corps she once marched with, she still donates to this corps, and credits much of what she learned about drum corps to this corps. I know of a young man who marched with Glassmen in 2012 and a top 3 corps in 2013 who told me he was really a Glassmen. I've heard similar sentiments from kids who go from OC to WC and from lower placing WC corps to stronger finalists.
  14. Age Outs

    In another thread, people disputed the accuracy of attendance numbers at finals going back to the 70's. Maybe Flomarching provided those numbers too. PS: Do any iPad or iPhone users have spell checks that want to change Flomarching to Florida March?
  15. Age Outs

    The numbers are interesting, or at least I find them interesting. I'm not surprised at some, namely BD and SCV who always seem to have a number of age outs and do not have trouble recruiting talented new members. BAC and Cadets surprised me a bit. It did not look like either had that many participate in the age out ceremony, though that is a rough count at best, but I thought that with both corps, the youth was often stressed. For some of the corps that place lower, the smaller number of age outs may be encouraging, but these are also corps that tend to lose members to higher placing corps. The numbers that do alarm me are Blue Stars and Phantom. I've really enjoyed Blue Stars the past few years and hoped fewer age outs might put them in a better position next year. Phantom has been struggling a bit the past few years, so recruiting may be a bit more difficult for them, not so difficult they'll fall from finals, but will they recruit enough talent to give upward momentum?