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    27th Lancers, Boston Crusaders, North Star, Holy Family Defenders,Madison Scouts, Garfield Cadets (still like the Cadets, but loved them back in the day), Phantom Regiment, Blue Stars (back in the day), Kilties
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  1. Tim K

    Boston Crusaders 2018

    I’m not sure if they’ll be live streamed in the next few days but East Coast Classic is a week from Sunday, and I’ll be seeing them live three nights in a row.
  2. Tim K

    Boston Crusaders 2018

    Due to an unforeseen situation, I was unable to see the shows last night. It does sound like I missed a great night. I can’t comment on the “new tricks” on display by other corps or lack of them by BAC, but in the past Boston Crusaders has added things gradually, which was the case last year and it worked. I think an argument can be made that holding off has more of an impact. The classic example for me is 2015 Blue Devils. Adding the young girl to the show at the end of the season made it come alive powerfully. Not sure I would have felt that way if she had been part of the show all season.
  3. Tim K

    2018 Tour Premiere

    An unexpected situation prevented me from going to the movie theater last night, but those things happen. Given various comments on here and Facebook, as well as photos, warm up videos, etc, and now seeing the recaps, here are my thoughts: Thise who predicted Bloo and Crown as battling for five and six in August, anything may be possible, but it doesn’t look like that will be the case. Lots of folks predicted Cavies and BAC as three and four last night, and that’s where they placed, but it sounds as if there is potential in both shows. Cavies shows often grow and explode in a positive way, and with the staff and ambitions of the BAC, never know. Remember too, it was not until mid-July that things really heated up for Boston. Blue Stars and Phantom have the most “all over the place” reactions. For Blue Stars it sounds as if they are more “carpentry” as in the people there are not enough of when you need renovations when people wanted them to be more “Carpentry” as in the duo. I have seen photos of the uniforms and one person suggested some tailoring. While no one consults me about fashion, this would be wise advice. For Phantom it sounds as if people hoped for a resurgence though I can’t help but wonder if the anticipation of BAC, Cavies, Bloo, and Crown May have made some less excited about Phantom.
  4. Tim K

    Fan Uniform for Opening Night?

    Michigan City is 963 miles from where I live, and even if I did part with them, I’d have to find them first. I’m still unpacking and will be for a while!
  5. Tim K

    2018 Blue Stars

    When the relationship between John Lennon and Paul McCartney was particularly cool, Lennon said in an interview that McCartney only wrote silly love songs. Instead of taking offense, McCartney wrote "Silly Love Songs" which hit number one on the Billboard charts. In drum corps, was there ever a more feel good and perhaps a bit sappy moment than Crown's use of the poem "Lovers on a Park Bench"? Lots of folks critiqued it, but I don't recall Carolina Crown turning in their gold medals in 2013. So a silly love song added millions to Paul McCartney's already sizable fortune and Philip Glass including a perhaps too sweet poem in "Einstein on the Beach" (Glass did not write the poem himself) which Crown incorporated into their show gave us one of DCI's most memorable moments. In DCI, if the brass and percussion are strong, the guard is always moving, the show is well designed, gimmicks work and have roots as far back as Bridgemen and Velvet Knights. If any of these elements are lacking, a show appears to be using gimmicks to hide flaws, and this gets noticed. For tonight, I do expect the top four to be Crown, Cavaliers, Boston Crusaders, and Bluecoats though not necessarily in that order, though I do expect either Cavies or BAC or perhaps both to rain on Crown and Bloo's parade a bit (I am predicting very slim margin among the top 4), and while I am not one who expects Phantom to have a dismal season as some have suggested, I expect some hefty competition between Phantom and Blue Stars this evening.
  6. Tim K

    Fan Uniform for Opening Night?

    I just moved and have two full boxes of drum corps t-shirts and polos, most of which I’ve never worn. A few years ago I did wear a Carolina Crown t-shirt on an unusually hot day and someone said “I bet you’d like a cold Carolina Crown right now.” I to,d the story to a member of Crown’s BOD and suggested the do craft beer as a revenue resource. I have a pretty busy afternoon ahead of me. If I have time to change I may pull out a BAC polo. If not, I’ll be wearing dress pants and a button down shirt, nothing that says drum corps.
  7. Tim K

    2018 Tour Premiere

    Quite a few Boston area theaters are sold out. My recollection is the attendance was always very good, but I don’t recall so many being sold out. There are two fewer venues, though there is a new theater with a larger seating capacity near one of the theaters not showing the premiere and it is part of the same chain. The crowds here are pretty enthusiastic and no doubt when Boston Crusaders begin, it will be loud though there could be a few who sit on their hands during certain shows. As we know in drum corps, some slight or rivalry that happened 900 years ago can still be as fresh and raw as if it happened yesterday.
  8. Tim K

    Boston Crusaders 2018

    I assumed you were kidding. If it’s any a consolation, I was trying to be funny too!
  9. With so many predicting Cavaliers to medal, does the same hold true for Cavies? If not, why not?
  10. Tim K

    Boston Crusaders 2018

    If you're talking about my strategy of recruiting of volunteers I'm not gloating. There are so many music teachers and parents on this site who need to recruit volunteers, I'm merely sharing a "trick of the trade." Perhaps using the word "legendary" may be gloating a bit, but I am the son and grandson of pharmacists who had a store with a soda fountain and their sundaes, root beer floats, cherry Cokes, raspberry-Lime rickeys. Ice cream treats and parties are in my blood. Also, it's not me who is legendary, the flavors of ice cream and the fixings I choose are legendary. All kidding aside, what I do enjoy most about sundae parties is the way they can bring people together. For kids, it's just fun, for adults it brings out the kid in them, so whoever came up with the idea of ice cream socials should be legendary. When it comes to drum corps, I try not to gloat until after the season, the key word being try. In more than one season, I have gloated when my predictions seem to be correct, only to have things change overnight, and in the end it's not a banana split I'm eating, it's crow!
  11. Tim K

    Our friend DrumManTX

    DrumManTX is always positive,, and he keeps us positive as well. I think another equally positive person is fellow Texan Hook'emCavies, so it will be his job to keep us positive this year since DrumManTX will be too busuy!
  12. Tim K

    Boston Crusaders 2018

    True, but there may be an exception. I have a feeling a young, driven Mike Woodall may have dreamed about this day and even greater things to come when he stood on a drum major's podium many years ago.
  13. Tim K

    Boston Crusaders 2018

    If that is sinful, I've been leading people astray for years. My "Make Your Own Sundae Parties" are legendary, especially with kids. My philosophy: get kids to volunteer for a worthwhile activity, say thank you by loading them up with sugar, and send them home! I don't live with them. How do I get away with it? I invite the parents too and in the process I get volunteers for chaperoning activities. Am I bribing them? Maybe, but it's a trick I learned when I taught middle school and it has worked over the years. This also reminds me, the theater I'll be at tomorrow night not only has reclining seats but serves Ben and Jerry's.
  14. Tim K

    Our friend DrumManTX

    The “Bahstahn” or other variations is how lots of folks outside of Route 128 and buying 495 think we say the name of our city that John Winthrop called a “city upon a hill” when he first sailed into Boston on the Arbella (a name familiar to drum corps fans for another reason), is more how they hear it. Remember, people don’t hear accents where the accent is prevalent. A woman I know who taught public speaking at Boston College and St. John’s Seminary and coached many a politician claimed there were three Boston accents, the Brahmin “home of the bean and the cod” accent and the Boston Irish accent, both of which were molded into one by the Kennedy’s. However, to get the topic back on the man of the hour. I have a feeling that if someone who uses the sign in name DrumManTX talks to the locals, people are not going to ask him if he grew up in Soutie!