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  1. I never knew Bill Belichick had another talent.
  2. Ignore the troll folks.
  3. 100% agree.
  4. Clearly this means they're playing Channel One Suite and Legend of the One Eyed Sailor.
  5. There have been a few DCI Finals that I do not remember because they sold beer in the stadium. Friends that I were with in 1993 still love telling the story about how I balled my eyes out during the Cadets' Hymn Song to Philip Bliss. I don't believe them but they all say it is true.
  6. Just one? 1994 Blue Devils Quarterfinals standstill in the rain. Honorable mention: 87 Cadets 91 Star 93 Star 95 Madison
  7. I don't know why Wikipedia has it wrong but 1986 was actually "Undiscovered Bernstein". 1990 was "A Bernstein Celebration".
  8. I definitely wouldn't call Star the crowd favorite in 93. Phantom was probably the overall crowd favorite but the fans also went wild when the Cadets pulled ahead on Friday and when Star was announced in 2nd on Saturday. Everything else you posted is pretty spot on. Nice work.
  9. 1990-1991 Star of Indiana 1994-2003 Blue Devils
  10. I'm sure some people understood why I typed this. 98.4 at DCI Finals: 85 Cadets 86 BD 89 Phantom 94 BD 97 BD 98 Cadets 99 SCV 99 BD
  11. 97.65 is no 98.4
  12. Maybe Bloo should have called him an "Electronics Supervisor" so DCP wouldn't go nuts.
  13. When did he march Crossmen?