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  1. Interesting Deadspin article about the ill-fated FloSlam (terrible name, btw). Makes me wonder what type of contract DCI was with FloSports. If a tiny pro wrestling promotion was able to get out of it unscathed ... is DCI? Also - if DCI is able to get out: who do I talk to for a free "FloMarching" T-shirt? I need more hipster ironic drum corps swag.
  2. New Look DCI Webpage and 2018 Schedule Released!

    It'd be nice if they brought back the ability to search for events by corps. Anyway - I'm glad DCI Minnesota is returning to TCF Bank stadium. The new Vikings stadium is nice, but after going to another band show last month, I don't think the acoustics will ever get figured out. Also - stoked to see BD and Cavies return. Bummed to see Crown and Cadets not make it for two straight years.
  3. Video edits 2017

    Thank God for piracy.
  4. Sign the Petition

    I'm usually not the petition-signing type, but I've seen/personally dealt with enough BS to know that the activity is one "60 Minutes" exposé away from getting fundamentally damaged. I was in an organization that did a lot of things right, but still had too many "open secrets." It's encouraging to see some of the bigger organizations take charge, but based on some of the Reddit bombshells I've seen, more needs to be done.
  5. Full-field tarp?

    It looks stunning. Would suck to deal with on a full tour, however ... the amount of folding time after every show/rehearsal seems like a logistical pain for a touring group with limited members/staff/volunteers. I've always liked the "border" tarp used by Cadets in 1999.
  6. 2018 Staff Announcements (new thread)

    They just released Michael Gaines' updated bio:
  7. FloMarching makes a funny

    I'm all for making fun of DCP and certain DCP posters, but everything about this is weird/terrible. This is akin to a Comcast intern roasting you while you're on hold to report an outage.
  8. Rest in Peace Paul Cain

    I had no idea who he was, but then I saw this post and memories of the one time I marched in the Beanpot Invitational came flooding back. Great announcer with a fun personality. RIP.
  9. 2017 DCI survey

    Received one and completed it. Pretty exhausting, but it at least shows that they're listening to fans. Basically gave my opinion on my first Lucas Oil Stadium experience. I simultaneously laughed/groaned when it asked if the acoustics affected narration.
  10. 2017 DCA Prelims Discussion

    You raise a good question. For reference, here's DCI's definition of classes: DCA doesn't have one. It's really all numbers (30-65 or 65+). That said: I fail to see the real "reward" for being small. The only one I can think of is an extra performance if you make the top 3-4. Beyond that, a lot of it is performing for smaller crowds and dealing with recruiting headaches (I guarantee that no corps in the history of drum corps has ever set out to "be small" for competitive purposes ... not that I'm accusing you of saying that, but that's a perception I've heard from people before). As for benefits of having more than one class? I'd say it naturally encourages smarter show design and administration from the smaller groups. If everyone is in the same bucket, small groups would need to work twice as hard to recruit/train new people and possibly stretch their resources ... all for the sake of keeping up with the large groups that actually have the infrastructure to operate as such. It makes sense for any large enough circuit. If it's good enough for WGI's Independent, all-age color guard division to have 3 classes, it's good enough for DCA to have 2. EDIT: I posted this before I saw your response to Jeff an hour ago. I understand more where you're coming from.
  11. Hitting Hard 2018

    Surprised no one has said Mandarins yet. They have an established program coordinator and a solid instructional staff. The corps is coming off of it's highest placement in WC. I would imagine them becoming even more of a destination corps and attracting more recruits.
  12. Madison Scouts 2018

    Wait, seriously? That's a gigantic credit to the instructional staff. Hopefully retention is better in 2018.
  13. Madison Scouts 2018

    Wasn't singling you out, but fair enough. Still don't understand how firing the "current administrative staff in its entirety" is a healthy maneuver. Unless there's a serious breach of the corps' mission, all we're doing is playing fantasy drum corps.
  14. Pioneer 2018

    Another year ... another thread full of people complaining about Pioneer ... another year of Pioneer doing their thing and thriving when other groups are folding or pleading for money ...
  15. How important is the competitive aspect of Drum Corps?

    The competitive aspects go beyond the dots and sounds. Drum corps is an activity where non-profits compete against each other. Getting money and organizing staff/volunteers is as much of a competition as cleaning drill and nailing releases.