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  1. ShutUpAndPlayYerGuitar

    2018 Uniforms!

    Mandarins Those uniforms are disgusting. There's too much sex in drum corps. [logs into a VPN and watches late 80s VK shows, featuring the Sex Cymbals] BK I laughed for a solid 30 seconds ... but for as cheap and as garish as they look, the colors are going to pop on the field.
  2. ShutUpAndPlayYerGuitar

    Carolina Crown 2018

    I dig: attention to detail that sets these apart. These definitely have a militaristic look ... but for a different type of military (like, an army in an alternate dimension that's ruled by a snake king). Usual disclaimer: doesn't mean butt if it doesn't look good on the field.
  3. ShutUpAndPlayYerGuitar

    Prosperie files lawsuit over 2015 axe incident

    Good ... I hope he takes them to the cleaners.
  4. ShutUpAndPlayYerGuitar

    Madison Scouts 2018

    I always thought not purchasing items during fuel/rest stops was a standard thing, especially if it's a full-size group. Not allowing bathroom breaks is just silly, though. That's horrifying, but not that surprising. I know several people who marched with you, and saw some early shows when you guys were in MN (including a rehearsal in Mankato that seemed pretty brutal) ... I'm amazed by how different/better the product was by the end of the season. What's funny is he also wrote drill for Southwind, who also ended up rewriting a bunch of his stuff as well.
  5. ShutUpAndPlayYerGuitar


    I've been trying to hold my tongue on this ... but you're not completely off the mark. The HS marching band scene in MN is weird and complicated. First off, there are two separate entities: competitive summer parade band and competitive fall field show band. - The summer parade band scene is specific to MN, with most of the groups and parades taking place in central MN aka "Michele Bachmann territory" (there's no "state" competition, just the Vikingland Band Festival in Alexandria ... two weeks from now). The activity has evolved to the point that some groups are learning over 30 sets on the street (each "show" is something like 3-5 minutes, and repeats several times throughout every parade). Most of the bands are HS-affiliated, but a couple are community ed. organizations that take in students from multiple schools (i.e. the 728 Cadets ... where a bunch of MBI members teach at/come from, and the Mankato-area 77 Lancers ... which is next to St. Peter and has instructors/members from Govies). Because of the intense, but short season, a lot of these kids have time to do fall activities/athletics ... or fill drum corps spots. It's also worth mentioning that a lot of these "summer" groups have strong indoor guard/drumlines (i.e. 728 Cadets). It's such a weird and niche activity to me, and I'll never understand its popularity ... but it continues to be popular, and many of those kids end up doing drum corps. - The fall scene also has no real circuit behind it. The closest thing to a state competition is the Youth in Music show at the Vikings stadium ... which brings in as many out-of-state bands as it does MN bands. Most of the bands are Twin Cities suburban high schools, with several outliers in southern MN and one super outlier in northern MN (Grand Rapids). There are a handful of bands that consistently travel to BOA regionals, and a couple that have gone to Grand Nationals. Of those ... Rosemount HS and Eden Prarie HS are the two that have made finals in the mid to top tier of the St. Louis Super Regional (mostly Rosemount). I've taught field groups on-and-off again ... so it's hard for me to gauge the popularity. Some traditional powerhouse schools have ebbed-and-flowed with recruiting. - The indoor scene actually has circuits behind it ... the Northstar Circuit for guard (not as strong or well-represented as it used to be, unfortunately), and the MN Percussion Association (which has consistently grown over the last decade).
  6. ShutUpAndPlayYerGuitar

    Madison Scouts survey: all male v.s. Co ed

    ... that wasn't in response to you ...
  7. ShutUpAndPlayYerGuitar

    Madison Scouts survey: all male v.s. Co ed

    Bushwa ... you're not talking to enough young people.
  8. ShutUpAndPlayYerGuitar

    2018 Uniforms!

    Usual disclaimer: I'll reserve full judgement until I see it on the field. So far, I don't hate these unis as much as other people. ... that program write-up though ... woof.
  9. ShutUpAndPlayYerGuitar

    Madison Scouts survey: all male v.s. Co ed

    Fair point -- it's safe to say color guard has a strong female majority, and it would definitely open up the recruiting pool for that section. But good recruiting+competitive success+member retention mainly comes down to who's on staff ... whether it's a big name or a trusted person from within the ranks.
  10. ShutUpAndPlayYerGuitar

    Madison Scouts survey: all male v.s. Co ed

    I'm ambivalent. I don't buy the "widening the talent pool for a competitive advantage" argument. Madison's struggles pretty much all derive from financial issues, which has an effect on staffing and show design. Opening up membership won't automatically make them better. If they're going to allow female members, they're going to do it for educational/ethical reasons ... which I'd be cool with. That being said: I don't believe that a performing arts organization that's also a fraternity is inherently "discriminatory" (I know several alums who have used that word to describe the membership policy ... which is stupid, and waters down actual examples of discrimination). Somewhat related, and this falls into the "pro-coed" camp: an interesting article on study conducted by the Norwegian military ...
  11. ShutUpAndPlayYerGuitar

    the new list of Class A

    In the music captions, yes. Everything else was far from a runaway.
  12. ShutUpAndPlayYerGuitar

    the new list of Class A

    ~1.3 point difference = runaway? ... ok.
  13. EXT. - A PAYPHONE, SOMEWHERE OUT EAST George Hopkins [in a high-pitched, Paul Giamatti-like voice]: "... Hello!? .... Fred?! ... Fred Morrison?! ... It's George, please don't hang up! You're the only one who can help me! Listen ... you're a big 'second chances' type of guy, right?! I also hear you got connections ... ... You ever watch 'Breaking Bad' ...? I'm looking for an extractor, kinda like that guy played by Robert Forester ... You know: someone that can give me a new identity and a new place to live! Maybe I can be a bold visionary lumberjack in Montana, or a bold visionary fisherman in Mexico! ... ... LISTEN TO ME: IT'S GETTING BAD OUT HERE MAN! I'M LIVING IN MY CAR AND SURVIVING ON STOLEN FUNDRAISER CANDY BARS! YOU GOTTA HELP ME ... hello?"