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    Positives: Not retracing the exact same tour as the prior two years Not competing head-to-head with the same corps nearly every show because they are also on the same tour as the last two years Seeing a part of the country not familiar with (even if it's just off in the distance, or from a bus window) No Florida (and its sulfurous drinking water) Giving my brother in Seattle a chance to see his nephew Giving my son a look at some of the locations he might be going to college in the fall Negatives: Clifton show will probably take a hit in attendance No chance for my son to get mango pie at a certain restaurant in one of the Disney parks in Florida
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    about the same time they roll out Backflip George Patton
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    Exactly. When I see the "Commandants Own" doing the compulsory bug-squishing and lunging ... well, it may be great for US Army recruitment
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    It was at the Westchester show... it was dark, and there were woods at the end of the stadium, so the black-painted door just kind of disappeared. I was sliding left, trying to look through the contra/tuba on my shoulder to find the door when *WHAM*! I bounced off of it, quickly decided to try and run to catch up with the form, and ran blind, relying on muscle memory. I made it, and finished the show, but it was super scary! It took 10 years as a band director before I allowed props on the field in our shows! :-D
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    I ran into that door once....
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    This flag was not presented for the usual reason. It was one of the flags that flew over The U.S. Capitol the day that The Holy Name Cadets won their sixth American Legion National Title at Convention Hall (the finals was an indoor show) in Atlantic City, N.J. ,1957. Fifty years later at the same site The Cadets who marched in that show gathered for the 50th Anniversary of "their" championship. It was a three-day event and nearly every Cadet who marched in that show was present for the anniversary festivities. At the banquet on Saturday evening, held on the exact same floor on which they had competed, Cadet Alumnus Ken Shedosky called the Drum Major (Alumnus Tony Bartello), and the Section Leaders (Percussion Sergeant Alumnus Bob Peterson, Soprano Sergeant Alumnus Donald Angelica, French Horn Sergeant Alumnus John DeOld, and Baritone Sergeant Alumnus Dave Shaw) to the speakers podium to be recognized. Each one of those individuals was then presented with a flag that had flown over The Capitol on that momentous day fifty years prior (with a certificate of authenticity). The flag shown in the photo was the one presented to Dave Shaw (who coincidentally is the Cadet writing this post). I had the flag placed in a display case and formally presented it to The Cadets to be placed on display in the foyer of their office headquarters in Allentown, where to the best of my knowledge it still remains.
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    https://cavaliers.org/news-blog/cavaliers-focus-on-student-workplace-safety Looks like the Cavaliers are implementing some important procedures and rules that have been called for by many on these boards. Nice to see someone transparent on how they are trying to take care of the students.
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    Unless it's on the field of competition. What they've got planned sounds like an exciting show. ...and with those Thrower arrangements how can they go wrong?
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    Can't offer any empirical evidence to prove it, but I'd guess it helped recruiting. For someone on the fence about which corps, California might well have been the draw versus same old, same old. Certainly reports of strong vet retention and overall talent indicate the kids saw something positive in the Cadets story. California likely was one element.
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    I believe the west coast shows tend to have full panels earlier in the season. Like many sports, if one wants to get better, it's best to compete against those who are better (not worse). Who better to compete against than Concord? It is a far journey. We'll miss them for the early summer, on the east coast.
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    That crowd (in my view) is what really helped us perform our show 100% night after night. Just knowing they were gonna go apesh!t over that show was my primary motivation for performing.
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    Ediker...This is a snippet of a song from '78 Bridgemen, " Spanish Dreams ". This was the era of lots of Corps doing " park & bark " where there was not a lot of movement visually compared to today. But the DCI Corps still could entertain diverse audiences back then despite the smaller brass lines. ( thats Jim Brady playing the soprano solo in the middle of the song ). This video/ audio does the Bridgemen no justice here as the video/ audio technologies was pure crapp compared to today's taping abilities. Live, the Bridgemen sounded much, much better than this. Corps back then had a tendency to overdo the fortissimo sometimes, as you can tell ( haha) Most knew it, but nobody seemed to mind all that much back then, as sometimes the goal regarding the playing was as simple as just wanting to pin the ears back with the audience in at least one of the songs in a Corps show routine. Its just the way it was.
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    i don't think you'll see that anytime soon.
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    So when do they get spandex costume, start rolling around on the ground, pointing to the sky in overly, emotive exultations of faux drama and depth?
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    I'm cool with amps I'm not cool with a eulogy for sarah jones, talking about grandma's paper skin or screaming I know you
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    Historically that's been Phantom Regiment's gig, but if Cadets are going to execute people in their 2018 show, that sounds pretty cool. Especially if they are great executions as you say.
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    All’s been quiet with Bloo this winter. Looking forward to creative and innovative stuff from them in 2018.
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    Yeah, I don't see how you can see past the narration. It was equal parts embarrassing, preachy, over the top, amateurish.
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    What about 2005... The Zone: Dreamscapes in Four Parts with a Door you know, just in case you didn't see the large door on the 50 yard line
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