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  1. With every season that comes and goes, and every championship that passes, I believe we all hear or think, "so and so will come back bigger and better next year". But who do YOU actually believe will come back hitting harder next year? Will the Bluecoats try and climb their way back into the medals after falling to 5th coming off a championship year? Will The Cadets try and claw their way back into the top 6 after finishing in 7th. With Anniversary years coming up for the Cavaliers and the Madison Scouts, will either come out swinging with anniversary shows that propel them back into their glory days. Maybe even Phantom regiment will try and jump a few places. No matter what corps and what place, who do you believe will make a big leap next year and come out stronger than this year?
  2. Hey all, I am a college junior who has been a marching percussionist for 7 years. I was interested in getting into DCI before my freshman year but was unable to due to military commitments. However, I believe I will be able to march this summer and am trying to figure out what the best fit for someone like me would be. I am fairly experienced and realistically consider myself to be a pretty good player, but I know that making a top 12 corps is very hard without prior corps experience. This will be both my rookie and age-out year, and making a corps will be fulfilling a goal and hope I've had for years. What corps is a good fit for a college student who has played snare for 7 years in a competitive high school group and a college band but not in a corps before? I would love to audition for as many as I can, but as with most people, time and money are a factor. Thanks for your help in advance!
  3. I didn't see a new season topic for Pacific Crest, so here goes. Staff announcements: Visual staff Brass staff Percussion staff Color Guard staff Other staff positions listed here. They are wrapping up a Pacific Crest/Blue Devils Experience Camp and Auditions. PC is auditioning for Brass, Battery, Front Ensemble, Color Guard, and Drum Major. BD is auditioning for Brass and Battery. And now you are as up to date as I am. If anyone has additional info, please post. Thanks! And looking forward to 2017 (except all my kids have aged-out -- sigh!).
  4. It will be interesting to observe trends of DCI in terms of streaming numbers and tickets sold at events over the next few years. DCI had a decline in numbers during the mid to late 90's after design trends changed. (Some argue due to Star's game changing show). Either way, shows changed and some say it was less fan friendly, etc and the result was a decline in numbers. I wonder, with how much DCI changed this season, how and if that this will affect attendance, etc. If over the next few seasons, the trend starts to decline, will this cause DCI, then designers to take pause and re-evaluate the design trend. As they say, time will tell.
  5. So, I recently subscribed to FloMarching. Just wondering, are we likely to see high-quality video editing like we are used to in the cinema and dvd recordings? The video direction thus far has been questionable. It'd be great if it were the same team (Tom Blair & Co.?) Any thoughts or insights about what to expect?
  6. I know, just one ticket. But maybe some of the loners out there might be interested. Section J, Row 33, seat 10. $45 Again, this is for Saturday. PM if interested and we can work out details.
  7. I have participated and have been following drum corps for a very long time. I have adopted the changes over the years with open arms. I love most of those changes and have no wish to turning the clock back. I start with these points because I know some punk will accuse me of being old school or for not understanding modern drum corps. Rest assured I understand it quite well and I am very familiar with the judging sheets and scoring process. Having said that, it is a shame what the judges are doing to BC this year. I have watched closely all season and have seen the bias that is so obvious. It appears to me the judges have a grudge of some sort against them. Is it the guard outfits? I read the corps changed to longer shorts due to complaints about a little butt cheek or two showing. Is it because the judges believe it is destiny for BD and SCV to be fighting it out during their anniversaries? Maybe it is because they don't have enough pretty colors. I noticed BD has pink in their uniforms. That certainly must be worth an extra 3 or 4 points in visual. It apparently outweighs the extreme drill design BC is marching. Unfortunately, the scores are simply the opinion of a select few judges. They are human and have biases. This years "collective thought" appears to be against the Bluecoats. That truly is a shame given the energy and talent this corps has. The message the judges are sending to all: don't do anything risky, keep your drill simple and clean, focus on having a strong palette of color choices and color guard, both have more impact on your overall score then drill, brass, or percussion. Fast is old school. March slowly and precisely. When playing, be sure it is loud and try to stand still while doing so. If you are going to march at a fast tempo, be sure to do it while not playing. And finally, never ever make the young women in the guard where something feminine. Modern women are not supposed to be feminine or sexy.
  8. Hello, does anyone out there know how I can purchase individual used marching snares that were previously marched by a DCI corps or where I might find them? Thank you for your help.
  9. I'm in a complicated situation but I will try my best to explain it. I am a woodwind player primarily but I am trying to learn mellophone for the purpose of marching in dci one day. My dream corps has been bluecoats since '08 but me being 18 years old and having no dci experience and being pretty bad on mello as of now, that dream seems to be fading (especially now that they're defending champs). My first question would be what kind of skill level on my horn should I be at before going to any audition camps? I don't want to just show up and waste everyone's time and make a fool of myself. Should I be able to play previous show music? Sightread at a good level? As of right now I'm working on the basics of the instrument but I have absolutely no clue what to work on to prepare for auditions. Second, if I do get to the point of auditioning, what should I do rookie year? Let's just say for argument's sake I'll march bluecoats before I age out. I heard carolina crown requires previous world class experience or they wont even let you audition. Are the bluecoats the same way? My second favorite corps is phantom regiment, which would probably be a better rookie audition? Finally, the age out rule states if you turn 22 during the season you are still allowed to be in the corps. Does this mean you can audition as a 21 year old? Thank you for reading and any advice on anything even if not mentioned specifically above is welcome.
  10. The 2017 drum corps season has started, and so has my show review season! I reviewed two shows for the June edition of Drum Corps World. The first was the DCI Tour Premiere cinecast on Thursday, June 22. The focus of that review was on the technical aspects of the cinecast. A separate review of the performances is also in the June issue. The second review was of the Innovations in Brass: Massillon show on Saturday, June 24. That review was a performance review of all 5 World Class and 2 SoundSport corps which performed that night. http://www.gaminnet.info/?p=3054
  11. This past Saturday (June 17), I went to the Sacramento Mandarins' Family Day show. I was very excited by what I saw. Over the past few years, Mandarins have continued to do better and better each year. I fee like they made a sizable jump in size and quality about 3-4 years ago and the Mandarins of today are on another level than a few years ago. Since joining Division 1/World Class, I feel they are often overlooked (Their 2013 show was OUTSTANDING). I think this will be the year they make a jump in scores and placements. I think they will continue to turn some heads. I believe they will be on the DCI cinemacast this year, and have an outside chance (depending how the cards fall) of making finals. Key Take-Aways: -Mandarins are marching a full corps (150 members) -Show theme is "Inside The Ink" which (this is my take, I have not seen a formal description) explores Rorschach tests and how what you see might not be what others see. -All sections are STRONG. Hornline is HOT (go to their Facebook page and watch a warm-up they posted - dang!), percussion sounds great, and guard is REALLY strong. I think that something great about this show is that it is written just right - meaning, that while challenging, every section can be successful at a high level and will be improving at every show throughout the summer. Visual is the weakest as of now and will benefit immensely through repeated practice and shows. -A special shout out to the guard, who is, by far the best guard the Mandarins has ever fielded. A great deal of equipment work. -My favorite part of the show is the Sound of Silence. VERY effective! Best of luck to them for a successful, safe, and fun summer! If you have a chance to see them, definitely do - such a great corps!
  12. Crossmen has one 15 passenger van that is in need of a driver for most of the summer. This is a driving volunteer position. Sleep all day, drive all night. Your passengers will be our volunteers. No CDL required. If you are interested in driving for a drum corp this summer, please reach out to Chelsea at chelsea.stemet@crossmen.org. Thank you!
  13. Watchmen Summer Auditions January 7th & 8th, February 4th & 5th Check in 8:00am - Audition Fee: $40 Auditions 9:00am - 9:00pm Location: Patriot High School 4355 Camino Real, Riverside, Ca 92509 email: director@watchmenartsassociation.org http://watchmenartsassociation.org/
  14. I thought I'd start a new thread with the show's current title for the discussion of the actual show. The TV Listings for October 5th are available and this is what it says as a description of the first episode: (Source: Zap2It.com) Close Clash of the CorpsEpisode: Marchin Music's Major League Premiere Special PREMIERE NEW S01, E01 The Blue Devils and The Cadets struggle with auditions, training, and anxiety, but still find time to party.
  15. Maybe some of you have interest in sharing reflections, thoughts, or reactions to viewing the DCI Finals performances on your recently acquired DVD or BluRays? I attended shows at the Tour Premier in Indy, San Antonio, and all three days during Finals week. After a viewing of the shows on video (both multi-cam and high cam), here are a few of my early thoughts. Obviously, this is FWIW: The top five shows are all really wonderful and different. Five different corps’ personalities. Except for The Academy, shows six and below blur together a bit. I am disappointed, a little sad, and then also somewhat guilty that I still can't find much memorable about Phantom's show. Oh, right, some good featured horn players. Hey, thanks to Fuse, I know that girl in the BD guard and that guy in the Cadets guard! Bluecoats were stunning and Blue Devils were their usual quality executioners. For me, Crown had the winning show. I didn’t think that about Crown late on Finals night in LOS. But also: those featured horns in Bluecoats! Liked the Blue Knights music much more than I remember from seeing them live. Liked The Academy music, but didn’t hear it as well played on video as I thought it was live. I even remember in Indy thinking the group ought to have scored higher on music than it did. Now not so much. (Though, I’ve nothing special in terms of audio playback.) I think many shows use props unproductively, and so ineffectively. The Cadets, Crossmen, Blue Stars. Just wasted time and effort with many of those props. I don’t buy the need to simply stage stuff - those mannequins and lamps. I am not anti-props. Crown, Bluecoats, The Academy, Cavies used props genuinely effectively; the props were integral to the show. (To the show, not just the theme.) I got kind of irrationally annoyed that the horn statue for the Cadets stayed on that wedding cake all show instead of getting down and doing some drill. I wondered whether the judges weren’t compelled to ask, WT* do we do now? at Bluecoats and parts of Cavies show. If they did, I liked their answers. Missed the Scouts.
  16. With the emergence of music based programs versus themed programs (ex. The Cadets 2013) we should start a forum with ideas that would be good music programs. My submission is The Rite of Spring both movements. Also post which corps you think would be best for the music I think crown would make a lit program based on Rite of Spring.
  17. Is anyone keeping track of how many groups have gone through Sound Sport and emerged into a DCI Open Class Corps?
  18. Looks like there will be an announcement soon! Mods: If there is already an official 2016 thread, sorry could not find one. Delete this topic or merge.
  19. Any Chance of having a Forum for DCI Sound Sport, Drumline Battles and All Age DCI Corps? I ask because it appears Sound Sport is working as an incubator for developing new Junior and All Age Drum Corps. There is also some Alumni Corps Activity in the Sound Sport Arena as well. Thanks.
  20. I have 2 tickets for FINALS - Section 643 Row 20 Seats 1 & 2 on an aisle. Great seats for drill watchers! $79 each. They're on Stub Hub right now, but let me know if interested and I can sell outside of Stub Hub. Thanks!
  21. (I couldn't find a very good place to put this) I was watching a video of SCV practicing marching one day (I can't find the video again. I think it was 2014), and before they stepped off, they raised their horns up, which caused a clicking noise (akin to someone wearing a ring or something and clacking it around on the instrument. That's the best way I could describe it). The contras did it too, but it sounded like a bunch of real-life Transformers (it was super cool!). How do they do this?
  22. Keep in mind, I believe that only once the winner of this show has won the championship (going back to 2011 when all the corps participated the same day) That corps was the undefeated monster that was the 2014 Blue Devils. That being said, who do you think wins this show and do you think whoever wins this show will win it all? My prediction Blue Devils will win this show and Carolina Crown will go on to win in the finals. I could see Bluecoats also winning this show, but for some reason my mind has been made up about Crown winning this year since I saw the show at Muncie.
  23. Do any drum corps late in this season have any Bari euph holes? I'm sure they wouldn't advertise it but I just figured I'd ask and find out.
  24. There was a time when the troopers were in the top 3, a time when Crown was no body, a time when the Cavies dominated, Phantom rocked faces off, My question is "Who do you think is the next world class corps that no body is talking about now, that we could possibly be talking about as a title contender in 3 to 5 years?"
  25. New site has been collecting and posting DCI 2016 videos as they come out. They just posted full performance videos of Blue Devils, Crossmen, and The Cadets today. http://www.lothype.com/dci-2016-most-recently-added/ Blue Devils Full Show: http://www.lothype.com/blue-devils-2016-family-day-dreams-made-full-show/ Cadets Full Show: http://www.lothype.com/cadets-2016-awakening-full-show-high-cam/ Crossmen Full Show: http://www.lothype.com/crossmen-2016-continuum-full-show/ Ill update the thread as new videos come out, or just follow their facebook and/or twitter. www.facebook.com/lothype www.twitter.com/lothype Enjoy
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