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2010 Bluecoats Baritone Solo

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I am a traditional drum corps player from the day, but I just wanted to say I enjoyed your solo. It was one wild ride and the electronic modulation was very cool and fit the character of the music very well. I am even more impressed after seeing it written out...very daunting. Playing that kind of solo with the kind of consistency which you did over the course of the season is awesome. Thanks for the entertainment. For my money, Coats had the best horn line out there!

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The one thing I don't like about this solo is...

it was too difficult to hear from my TERRIBLE seat at finals... next year, no cheap seats...

so I can better hear the awesomeness.

Also, Bob, please run for President of The United States in 2012.

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I agree this is now in the ranks of GREATEST solos in DCI history.

I also want to give kudos to the outstanding horn soloist on the Bluecoats ballad. The kid playing this solo, while not as technically demanding as A.C., did a great job with phrasing, breath support, tone quality...very musical.

And he too nailed it all season long.

Some great players in Canton these days.

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Whoa!! Yall are too much!!

Scott did an awesome job as well on the mello solo. Performed it beautifully all season.

I think someone asked about that earlier in the thread.. There were one or two guys that said they tried to work it up during the winter camps, but gave up on it. I don't really know what would of happened if anything HAD happened, but thankfully nothing did happen. A lot of the baritone section aged out this year. 5 out of the 8 actually.

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Dude, you don't "hear" this solo, you just have to experience it.... nothing ever like it in drum corps.

I nominate Patrick and his solo for Legend Status. All in favor?

He's obviously an incredible player but what I wouldn't give to have heard it without the electronic enhancement. How unfortunate for this young man that the show designer felt his talents weren't incredible enough by themselves. :thumbup:

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I'm sure there are many musical and visual moments that several fans "wish" they could hear or see differently. What you see/hear is what the corps and staff and designers chose to present and in their opinions thought were the best way to represent what they wanted.

The soloist did an outstanding job all season, as did the corps.

Honestly, if people want to see/hear things differently, then get on staff with a corps or start you own. We should be a little more appreciative of what we do have considering the current state of the activity and how difficult it is to keep it going.

Congrats to a great Bluecoats this year!

Wow... soloist posts the music and I express a desire to hear that music as written.

You ASSUME I mean I want to hear it played in the show that way.

I compliment the soloist.

I am being disrespectful.

I have complimented the soloist and did actually enjoy the solo, his playing, and the designed effect as it was in the show.

I made no comment about the design of the show or the use of the electronics in the show so I don't care for the condescending attitude expressed by saying get on a staff or start your own corps quip. :thumbup:

Moving ON!

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