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San Antonio Showdown

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New York was originally New Amsterdam but when the British took over the colony, it was named after the Duke of York in York, England. Jersey and Hampshire are also located in England. Many early colonial towns such as Plymouth, Gloucester, Portsmouth, were named after towns in England. Regarding Old Mexico, it is where the current Mexico is south of New Mexico.

Type in U.S. history 1400 thru 1900 maps. Which will give everyone a better understanding of Land history prior to European contact going forward.

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No... the biggest " problem" were a few posters trying unsuccessfully to make Pennsylvania a " New England " state.. or another making New York, Virginia, etc " New England " because they were " part of the 13 Colonies" ( haha!). Well, not a " problem ", per se ( unless you are a school teacher), more like a funny trip down the US Geography& History lane that made some of us either chuckle, or raise their eyebrows at the ignorance on display. Everyone seems pleased that San Antonio had their largest regional audience in this Texas city,since they've had it here for a few years now. Theres no" problem" cited here regarding the DCI announced attendance figure in San Antonio. Its all good, regarding the San Antonio attendance.

Or as usual, with an incorrect date, you blew a molehill into a mountain

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Hah, no. One, I'm a brass player, and two, I'm doing my PhD in biology, studying insect phylogenetics, taxonomy, and population genetics.

maybe get in touch with Phantom Regiment alum Bobby Langan (buick) at the University of Washington who is doing his doctoral work in a parallel field of genetics, He does some work with the Cascades in oft time. He's also into crewing, but even for him Sydney is a wee stretch, ha, ha.

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Don Quixote is basically a overly Quixotic guy that goes to battle the windmills, as if they're giants, or something...

Been a while since I've refreshed myself with the story.

"Tilting at windmills"

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