The Cadets and GH history of sexual abuse (news article)

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Surprised this hasn't been posted yet. Or maybe it has and has been removed? Regardless...



Allentown’s Cadets are among the world’s best drum corps, and their director is a big reason why. But nine women now accuse him of sexual abuse and harassment spanning four decades.

By Tricia L. Nadolny

April 5, 2018



========= Index of relevant updates, news, tweets, links [STILL in progress] ======== 



Chicago law firm Franczek Radelet is answering the YEA Hotline listening and investigating misconduct claims. If you have something to share call 312–786-6540.



(thanks for the help @Liahona)

Original YEA board members at the time of the report

Chronology of

Original Article (4/4/2018): The Cadets Drum and Bugle Corps: A history of alleged sexual abuse 

4/6/2018 George Hopkins, longtime director of the Cadets drum corps, resigns after sexual misconduct allegations

4/6/2018 Who are the Cadets? What to know about the drum corps dealing with sexual misconduct allegations 

4/9/2018 Sexual abuse in drum and bugle corps: Do you have a story? 

4/11/2018 Cadets drum corps board resigns en masse amid sexual misconduct scandal 

4/11/2018 Board that oversees renowned drum corps resigns 

4/11/2018 Two more women say they were raped by Cadets' George Hopkins 

4/12/2018 Replacement for disgraced Cadets leader George Hopkins forced to step down himself 

4/12/2018 Director of renowned drum corps out days after appointment 

4/13/2018 Correction: Drum Corps Leader-Abuse Allegations story 

4/13/2018 Critic: I warned drum corps executive about George Hopkins 

5/1/2018 Penn cancels plans with Cadets drum corps following sexual misconduct allegations against director (DCI show, rehearsal and YEA fall show) Responses:

Statement from the Board of Directors of Youth Education in the Arts 

A Message from YEA! 

Healing and the Future 

YEA! Board of Directors Resigns, New Board to Guide Organization 

04/24/2018 - USBands Announces "Forward March!" Initiative (advisory board) Responses:

DCI update: 4/6/2018 

4/7/2018 Ensuring a safe and educationally appropriate drum corps experience 

4/11/2018 DCI action on YEA! participation in 2018 Summer Tour 

4/29/2018 Cadets to forgo west coast portion of 2018 tour


DCP Thread with continual updates of corps responses:

4/5/2018 w/ update 4/6/2018: 9 women accuse Allentown cadets director of sexual misconduct 

4/6/2018 Renowned drum corps leader resigns amid abuse allegations 

4/6/2018 Details on: Cadets Director Resigns 

4/6/2018 Allentown Cadets director resigns amid allegations of sexual misconduct 

4/6/2018 w/ update 4/7/2018 George Hopkins not the only Allentown Cadets 2018 departure 

4/6/2018 Drum Corps, accusers respond to Hopkins' resignation 

4/6/2018  VIDEO: More on George Hopkins' resignation 

4/7/2018 Online Petition Calls For YEA Board To Resign Amid Allegations 

4/9/2018 Board's response to Cadets director's allegations met with petition 

4/8/2018 w/ update 4/9/2018 Organization issues new statement on allegations against ex-drum corps director 

4/10/2018 33-year-old woman says she was raped by former Allentown Cadets director 

4/11/2018 w/ update 4/13/2018 Allentown Cadets board resigns amid allegations against ex-drum corps director 

4/11/2018 New chairman of YEA board talks of moving forward amid allegations 

4/12/2018 YEA! interim CEO suspended amid new allegations 

4/12/2018 YEA suspends interim CEO after claims he did not report alleged misconduct 

4/16/2018 w/ update 4/17/2018 Investigation underway into YEA! amid sexual allegations 

4/19/2018 Fired! YEA board denies ex-director's resignation, fires him amid misconduct allegations

4/19/2018 New twists appear in relation to former Cadets Director George Hopkins (The Morning Call)

4/6/2018 Who are Allentown's Cadets? Drum Corps International group was featured on "Clash of the Corps" 

4/6/2018 Statement from Youth Education in the Arts board on Allentown Cadets director resignation 

4/6/2018 Allentown Cadets director resigns amid sexual misconduct allegations 

4/9/2018 New statement from Youth in Education in the Arts on Allentown Cadets director's resignation 

4/9/2018 Allentown Cadets board apologizes for not acknowledging women's claims of sexual misconduct against ex-director 

4/11/2018 Entire board of Allentown Cadets resigns; new chairman calls sexual misconduct allegations 'disturbing and shocking' 

4/12/2018 Interim CEO for The Cadets' parent organization suspended 

4/13/2018 Allentown Cadets put on probation for summer marching season 

4/14/2018 Accuser of ex-Allentown Cadets director says she'd "pay the price" if she didn't give in to demands for sex 

4/16/2018 Chicago labor law firm to investigate sexual misconduct claims at drum corps organization 

4/20/2018 Finding no resignation letter, YEA board fired Hopkins with no severance


Indianapolis Star

4/6/2018 Indy-based Drum Corps International investigating sexual misconduct allegations


Crossmen Alumni email

4/17/2018 - George Hopkins revoked from Crossmen Hall of Fame (IMAGE)

TWITTER (tweets that have been turned into published news articles have generally been omitted)

Jaccii Farris of WFMZ

4/16/2018 - YEA website hacked

4/19/2018 -  YEA fires GH. No severance or benefits

4/19/2018 -  GH notified to return assets, including vehicle. Next Steps, recovery

4/19/2018 - YEA establishes victim hotline 312–786-6540


Tricia L Nadolny of

4/10/2018 Commentary thread on initial feedback

4/16/2018  YEA law firm investigation

4/16/2018 Thread on interview with Doug Rutherford. (communicating with victims, Kristy Templin resigned, abandoning original 2018 show.

4/16/2018 Asking who created the petition

4/27/2018 Company car and computer returned to YEA


This has been done to keep the topic open, easier to understand and moving forward. Warnings we have received from moderators:

  • No rumor mongering.
  • Don't diverge into off topic nostalgia and bickering about RAMD history.
  • Don't get into extended debates about Penn State or Michigan State situations.
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My wife and I attended Cadets brass camp yesterday. Had some good conversations with some people on the inside of things. Many involved with the corps right now are taking positive steps to help the C

As I try to fight back tears, since my students are in the room right now as I read all this, all I can say right now is...  Thank God for DCP.  Reading here and seeing this conversation tak

I felt nauseated reading this.  Fear for the activity, this needs to be exposed and dealt with not just at Cadets but everywhere, but I’m so scared it’s going to overwhelm the whole activity.  Sadness

Came here for the first time in a long time, was similarly surprised that you had just posted this. As I mentioned elsewhere, I doubt that this is a problem limited to the Cadets, and I hope that our entire activity does some deep soul searching on this matter. I hope that every incidence is completely and fairly investigated, and any proven offenders are punished severely, including lifetime bans from the activity. 

Anything less than that could mean the end of our activity. 

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Was just reading the article, not wanting to be the one who dropped the bomb here on DCP. 

Shocked, disheartened, sickened.... Doesn't begin to cover it.

The ramifications of this....?  Jesus.

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"The YEA board took the matter seriously from the moment it received the anonymous allegations in January,” the board said in a statement. “Though the board hired a law firm to investigate and pursued every reasonable avenue of inquiry available, no accusers came forward and no evidence was presented to support the allegations against its executive director.”

Asked to elaborate on what the firm's investigation entailed, the board declined.


Board of Directors

Michael Kehoss, Minneapolis, MN | Chairman
Tim Smith, Pittsburgh, PA | Treasurer
Brian Setzer, Nashville, TN | Secretary
Dirk Bernold, Rochester, NY
Ronald IngberDix Hills, NY
Gary Stromberg, Chatham, NJ

Dr. Edward DiCarlo, New York, NY
Roger Floreska, Baldwin, NY
Howard Hoffman, Kendall Park, NJ
Donald Staffin, Bridgewater, NJ
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Can't see him surviving this story as director of Cadets and CEO of YEA. 

Also, I would be surprised if this doesn't ring true with other co-workers and former Cadets...

Finally, one wonders about enablers.

Very sad for all involved, and this will be tough not only on the Cadets, but Dan Acheson and DCI.


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1 minute ago, Ghost said:

One thread on this topic has been closed.  This one could also be shut down.

The other thread was closed because it was a duplicate.  I think, as long as the discussion continues to follow DCP guidelines, there is no reason why THIS thread will need to be closed.

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13 minutes ago, Jeff Ream said:

I didn’t want to be the poster. Knew it was coming 

If the allegations are true and with all the other charges by other women for many months, one can only imagine how GH and possibly others have been feeling these many months/years.

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