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2018 Tour Premiere

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I wasn't able to go, so i enjoyed social media commentary. A few thoughts:


the new way to get scores and a recap on the DCi site ABSOLUTELY SUCKS!!! This is the most user unfriendly thing I have ever seen on a website in the activity, and lord knows i thought my circuits site pre-2009 sucked even for those times.

Looking at the recap....looks like, as expected, only guard and percussion had the balls to make calls.


Can't wait to log in Saturday night and watch!

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1 minute ago, DrumManTx said:

I don’t think I’ll ever forget tonight.  Can’t sum that up into words.  I need working for this activity to be a part of the rest of my life.   

And just where were you all day young man? I saw almost everyone I know at Bloo today EXCEPT YOU!!!!!!!

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17 minutes ago, Lance said:

i'm digging the bluecoats show

it's like a best of 90s BD show

love bird and bela

and they're wearing a slightly less glitzy version of the guard costumes from gangster chronicle / 96

I used to have nightmares to that show for some reason. My absolute favorite Blue Devils show. And it was the first year I learned about drum corps.

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Just now, DrumManTx said:

I was all over the place!   Let me know when you’re at a show again!   

See you at Mason ... OR NOT!

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