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2018 Tour Premiere

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12 minutes ago, goodmello said:

I can't tell you... that's also why I really haven't liked Phantom since City of Light... MAYBE Black Swan...

They need to take care and really grow, if not, they could find themselves on the sidelines on Saturday night.


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1 hour ago, Forevergreen said:

I hate to harp, but quality wise this was the worst broadcast by far DCI has done  for a premiere.  The camera angles, the broadcasters still talking as the shows began. To top it all off, the theater I sat in made all the brass lines sound meek. 


Rant off,..just glad the season has begun !!!!!!!!!!!


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6 minutes ago, BlueStainGlass said:

So imagine you're in the lot and someone gets shot. You run over and they are bleeding all over. You apply pressure and save their life but your gloves are ruined. Aren't you glad you had a second pair in your handy dandy apron?! :)

And now we're in the early development stages of a solid Phantom Regiment show!

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8 minutes ago, Terri Schehr said:

Since I’m probably older than 90% of you, Let me just say that I was really diggin’ the beatnik vibe from Bloo. Bloopit was killing me with the black turtlenecks, berets,  and shades. Beboppin it. 

Liked for 'Bloopit'

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General thoughts, listed in order of enjoyment:

Cavaliers: LOVED it. I thought this was the most coherent design of the night. Bolero was used very effectively as a through-line and the push/pull pacing of the show was excellent. There were moments where they reached out and others where they pulled you in. Seem stronger in all sections, especially brass, and the overall show makes sense at this early stage where you can follow a clear progression from confinement/restriction to explosive expression. This can contend for a medal.

Bluecoats: Also loved it, but it needs development. The costumes are fantastic and the individualized horn outfits work great as an ensemble. There were points were it almost seemed too chill and could use some excitement injections here and there. I feel like that will come as they flesh it out. A strong framework and one that seems to rely less on gimmicks than the past few years.

Blue Stars: I mean it is music from the Carpenters! How can you not love that? I didn't know what they were going to be playing, so that gave me some unexpected delight. The costumes worked very well, I thought, and even though the yellow shoes/faux boots might highlight mistakes, I thought they worked great from the high camera, as did the white shirt and sleeves above the apron. For all its detailing, it was a clean visual look from a distance. They performers also seemed to LOVE their show, which is always great to see. Needs finishing and a lot of cleaning, but I found it all very enjoyable.

Crown: This strikes me as over designed. It's just a "lotta look." The costumes, taken individually, are really well-done, and the horn outfits have a lot of nice visual touches, especially the stripe down the back, but....it's all just a LOT of stuff. Plus the really busy flag designs. Plus the giant boneyard that was never utilized in any way. Plus the beast poster that turned into.....a ship (?) at the end. Stuff. stuff. stuff. And it didn't add up to a ton of effect. The music seemed a bit dry and the air seemed to go out of the audience in my theater about midway through. Other than the costumes and props, the "beast" idea was not selling. It seemed to need a lot more chaotic/aggressive movement and less rigid posture in traditional drill. Some smart choices can improve a lot of the weaker points, but right now, it is coming across as less than the sum of its parts.

Boston: I think all sections are most likely stronger than their sensational 2017, but this may be a case where I'm not going to be able to get past the unfortunate costuming to appreciate the rest of it. I really liked the shoreline tarp and the compass rose prop, but shiny purple with strangely positioned neon green stripes and...headbands? And there seemed to be no coordination between the horn/drums look and the guard's, which was a very different texture and tonal scheme. I just couldn't get the idea of a late 70's rock musical out of my head, so that made it hard for me to grasp the "shipwreck" idea. Also. neon green stick forest??? It just all seemed inchorent when viewed against the really tight designs from Cavaliers and Bluecoats. They will undoubtedly perform well all season, but some of the choices may open them up to challenges from below.

PR: The horns/drums and guard came across as very separate elements. Guard teal color was almost invisible on the turf, and the odd copper shiny thing on the right thigh was...odd? Horns seemed to play and move much more aggressively than in the recent past. Not sure what was trying to be conveyed here. The hoods were rather cool, but the purpose of them was....? Climbing props were meant to convey...? They were all pushed together near the end to represent....? So many questions. Perhaps some of these points will be clarified as the season progresses.

Overall, lots of good potential in many of the shows. Several instances of seemingly doing stuff just to do it. In the end, I think the more clear and concise designs will rise to the top.

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On a diffent note ... the Detroit audience was great! A nice crowd that filled the stands between the 10s. And traffic was easy to navigate coming in and going out. It made for a nice change from Indy where the Premier was not as well attended, or at least looked more sparse. 

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Regal Hamilton Place theater, Chattanooga TN:  small theater -- about 80 seats or so, but all recliners, plus a bar and hardcore eats (burgers and other sandwiches).  There were about 50-60 there, mostly quiet with a smattering of applause after a few of the shows. Sound and video quality I thought were excellent with only 1 or 2 dropouts during the broadcast. 

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