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2018 Tour Premiere

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Overall, the six corps last night are a huge improvement over last year.  The quality in this activity is getting so much higher.  All six shows were great.  This year really is a win for the fans.  

Loved all of the big drill moves!!!!  Thank you!  Thank you! Thank you!  Please, Visual Judges: please reward these risks more than posing, twisting, wiggling, and standing on stairs!  

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Methinks the last statement there... is giving up the 'plan'...

"Just know that there's more coming... this is JUST A LITTLE TASTE"

That's one heck of a "little taste".

I think they have this worked out, even more than they have in the last couple of years.

The show, while great, is just so strangely incomplete compared to what they have done recently on night 1.  Very exciting.

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An unexpected situation prevented me from going to the movie theater last night, but those things happen. Given various comments on here and Facebook, as well as photos, warm up videos, etc, and now seeing the recaps, here are my thoughts:

Thise who predicted Bloo and Crown as battling for five and six in August, anything may be possible, but it doesn’t look like that will be the case. 

Lots of folks predicted Cavies and BAC as three and four last night, and that’s where they placed, but it sounds as if there is potential in both shows. Cavies shows often grow and explode in a positive way, and with the staff and ambitions of the BAC, never know. Remember too, it was not until mid-July that things really heated up for Boston.:lle:

Blue Stars and Phantom have the most “all over the place” reactions. For Blue Stars it sounds as if they are more “carpentry” as in the people there are not enough of when you need renovations when people wanted them to be more “Carpentry” as in the duo. I have seen photos of the uniforms and one person suggested some tailoring. While no one consults me about fashion, this would be wise advice. For Phantom it sounds as if people hoped for a resurgence though I can’t help but wonder if the anticipation of BAC, Cavies, Bloo, and Crown May have made some less excited about Phantom.


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2 minutes ago, barigirl78 said:

At DCI.org, the Recaps now seem designed to make it impossible to print.

Anyone figure a way to get a good printout?

use DCP scores link - click on the show and the recap opens up in a pop up window that's better to print from



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4 hours ago, Jim Schehr said:

I apologize for any confusion or misunderstanding.

Can  someone share with me what Crowns show is suppose to be? Beauty and the beast?

Besides the show title Beast, what is the  significance of the costumes? 

How does the music selections translate the Beast theme?

What are the white props on the field: bones, teeth or claws? What are they used for? 


Ah, Grasshopper -- In Drum Corps, as in all Life, you must master patience. All will be revealed in its own time and place if you are worthy to accept such gift of enlightenment.


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2 hours ago, pistolpete said:

I loved the beatnik vibe too. The kids really got into their roles. The fake out in the opener with the build to a company front but without melting our faces off was great!

I’m not a fan of voice  but the young lady singing fit the theme of the show well.


Fake hit after company front -- I noticed that, too. Not sure how I felt after the letdown. We'll see....

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4 hours ago, DrumScorps said:

There’s an app for that :)

posted from the DrumScorps app

Honestly never saw the need for the pay version of DrumScorps (a fantastic app, BTW!) but any form of the recaps would be better than what DCI is doing with the formatting. :62_dizzy_face: Reconsidering. :35_thinking:

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