The Beanpot, Lynn, MA July 2, 2018

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Very proud - they are hanging in there with the heat. And amused by all the folks going ga-ga over their relative standing so far. Certainly pumped that they're doing better than last year, and enjoyi

For as progressive as Boston is with some elements of their show (costuming, props, etc), they had probably the most straight-forward raw drum corps show of the night. Insane drill, challenging music,

Prior to BAC's show, lots of folks chanted  "Eat em up Boston." Well I would say they didn't eat, the DEVOURED!!!! Amazing show!

Stay hydrated and best to all. :guinesssmilie:

Kill it, beaners! BAC!! :27_sunglasses:


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Both Spartans and 7th Regiment had good runs. 7th did some cleaning since yesterday. I thought Spartans got off to a slightly rough start (compared to last night) but the rather quickly the show heated up and the endless amazing. Spartans also has an amazing color guard again this year.

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10 hours ago, DrumManTx said:

Looking forward to seeing more of Massachusetts!   

And it was nice meeting you and some others last night!

Hi DrumMan,

Very nice meeting you last night.  Glad you are enjoying your time with Bluecoats.  Nice organization.  Hope you are also enjoying Massachusetts, once a hotbed of drum corps.  At one time competing nationally with one another you had Boston, Northstar and 27th and all within 20 miles of one another.  At one time there were over 135 drum corps in eastern Mass.  Lots of D.C. History here.

Have a great rest of tour.

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What is his user name on periscope?


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