DCI Southeastern Regional - July 28, 2018

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So the only show you connected with was about being stranded, lost and needing help?

I didn't realize she was Norwegian.

Bluecoats - going on after SCV and BD was certainly going to be a challenge, but they rose to the occasion and blew us away. Definitely not a dull moment in this show. Vocalist wasn't as loud as I was

2 minutes ago, shofmon88 said:

The thing is, on a performance level, I can tell it’s a stellar year. Talent is soaring through the activity. It’s design that turns me off. Amplification of brass, unattractive costumes, sound bytes and prerecorded effects, singing (even though the singers themselves are excellent to exceptional).


All of these elements are usually so jarring that I’m no longer immersed in the experience.

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Does BD have permission from the Hopper estate to copy his painting?

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Listening to BD's show is like randomly switching stations on the radio. 

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