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Cavies..... I was tearing up at the end. Everything about that show was perfectly designed. That was easily THE best hornline that I have EVER heard from this corps. I am not even sure where to start.

I’m hoping this is not a double post ... phone is acting up. But I found him .... and he survived the Cavaliers show ... barely :) posted from the DrumScorps app

Alright folks.... review time. I am still in awe with what I witnessed. Wow. Ok, I will be reviewing in order of appearance, but The Cavaliers will be last 🙂 (surprise!!!!) Phantom Regiment- the

Blue Devils!!!! Go Bd

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11 minutes ago, Newseditor44 said:

I swear to God that SCV’s show is being amplified through the stadium PA system and it sounds horrible. It’s like the baritone soloists mix is wide open!!!

Oh my! 

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3 minutes ago, Hook'emCavies said:

SCV.... easily my second favorite of the night. The sousaphone needed more Contra. Those mellos!!! whew

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14 minutes ago, Old Corps Guy said:

SCV & Duct Tape. Thats how you handle tarps in the wind. Now we know what the 1,000,001 use is for duct tape. 

Just made me start to twitch with that comment. The band I taught/arranged for did a show of music from "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon", and we had a huge circular tarp right on the 50. Every show the parents who were in charge of the tarp would festoon themselves with strips of duct tape all over their clothes, and as they opened the tarp would duct tape it down to the surface. That show made us swear to NEVER use a large tarp again!    😲  

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7 minutes ago, oldbandguy said:

Bloo's show doesn't need a new ending!  But...…………when it's unveiled 🙂


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Bloo - wow wow wow. I love the Beatles and this was sooo good. Crowd around me was grooving along to come together. Blackbird is so clear and clean.

SCV - the sound through the speakers the 1at third of the show sucked. The last 2/3rds is on par with last year. To me, the tarps did not add anything.

BD - yeah, it follows the same formula, but it is a #### good formula. First time seeing them this season and ready to see it again on flo tomorrow. To me, they did win the thunderous goo award for the night The screamer fits in their show better than SCV

Me, I am glad I am not a judge This activity is so good right now and something to love with every corps.

posted from the DrumScorps app

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