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I got to go to their January camp show and tell this morning, some very interesting and exciting stuff. They seem to be going after a mix of very recognizable music as well as more obscure stuff. Also

More moments like that jaw-dropping company front near the end. That was orgasmic for everyone in the house and in homes around the nation. YES !

Based on what I’ve seen and heard, Crown is venturing into new waters this year, but not too far away from the concept of previous shows. The drum set fits with the direction of the show and at least

8 minutes ago, RetiredMusTeach said:

On Facebook, Crown says Jim Coates is still the Exec Director/CEO.  This is for Corps Director.

I (like others) want to know the difference between the job descriptions. Did Jim do both jobs?

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3 hours ago, BWise said:

Sounds like fuzzy math. Wonder what’s going on. 

Acccording to several Crown BoDers I know personally, he announced to the boD awhile back to begin looking for his replacement due to his health issues.

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Good for Jim. I think this is a great move, he and Nancy have been spreading themselves thin trying to run the opps for the corps and manage the entire program. I think this will actually help Crown in the long run and allow them to bring someone in that can help with the day to day stuff. 

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