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Cadets 2020

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9 hours ago, Algernon said:

If they "peel off"the drum corps from YEA won't they need a new 501C3?

All corps with a new 501C3 need to start in Open Class or Soundsport.

Rule created so that World Class corps can't shirk financial responsibilities by re-inventing themselves as a new entity.

More likely Varsity absorbs the entire entity or some big money alum "come to the rescue" once again.


Wouldn't matter if they DID participate in Open Class. They'd still end up in finals just like Magic of Orlando did.

That WOULD hurt their income though.

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2 hours ago, George Dixon said:

Ahhhhh, the 90s 


I always thought the 80’s was the golden age. 

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23 hours ago, N.E. Brigand said:

Until there's news?

Yup. Legalities and all

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13 hours ago, Slingerland said:

Something like that, though it would also set a fairly problematic precedent. I mean, at a certain point, rules have to be enforced, or they're not really rules. 

Welcome to dci 

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