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West Side Story is so old

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5 hours ago, Cappybara said:

The Cadets truly do ruin everything

ask C2 and CWP

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1 hour ago, skevinp said:

“I Feel Pretty” is going to be a stretch.

but she could phone home

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I have to admit, when it comes to WSS, i have deep biases. my HS performed it my senior year, and I was in the pit, and pretty much put every latin percussion toy we owned in the pit for mambo, and added licks all over from various drum corps shows ( esp at that time 84 Cadets). That summer, i saw Sky Ryders with their version that is to me this day way under rated and ahead of its time in many ways...and a love affair was born.


i was excited for the Phantom movie, then they added IMO unneeded "new stuff" for the sake of being new. I believe Evita did too. My fear here is they do it as well. Plus so many reboots/redos/updates never live up to the original, which we often see in drum corps.


I'll be pleased to be proven wrong, but i am very skeptical, even with Speilberg involved. 

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29 minutes ago, Phantom56 said:

A new and different version of WST had just opened on Broadway before the pandemic hit. Hope it will return this fall.  

WSS on Broadway was only open from 2/20/20 to 3/8/20.

It didn't generate much of a "buzz".

One of the things that hurt it was the mix of live and recorded scenes.

That wasn't considered "theater".

Same thing, several of the scenes, although "live", were performed "off stage" and projected onto the stage.

A number of shows have given updates during the pandemic.

Haven't seen any for WSS.

So it may not be coming back.




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