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Monday, July 18 “Brass Impact” College Boulevard Activity Center Olathe North West High School Olathe, KANSAS

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“Brass Impact”    College Boulevard Activity Center    Olathe North West High School    Olathe, KANSAS Monday, July 18 7:45 PM CT   

Abundant sunshine. High 93F. Winds light and variable.

“Projected” weather     
7:00 PM CT   … Sunny … 90F Temp   90F Heat index   0% chance of rain .0 in   42% humidity  5 mph ESE
8:00 PM CT   … Sunny … 87F Temp   91F Heat index   0% chance of rain .0 in   50% humidity  5 mph SE
                                           Olathe, KS Hourly Weather Forecast | Weather Underground (wunderground.com)      as of Monday, July 18   8:30 AM ET

                                           ALT FORECAST: Olathe, KS Weather Forecast and Conditions - The Weather Channel | Weather.com
                                           RADAR: Olathe, KS Weather Radar | AccuWeather

College Boulevard Activity Center   Olathe North West High School    Olathe, KANSAS
11031 S Valley Pkwy
Olathe, KANSAS  66061

Tel No. Colts Office  (563) 582 - 4872
Email:  office@colts.org

BOX OFFICE: https://colts.org/brass-impact
DIRECTIONS - MAP:       Olathe North West High School Olathe Kansas - Search (bing.com)

Monday, July 18th
Competition START:
  8:45 PM ...  Eastern ...     New York ... Atlanta
 7:45 PM ...  Central ...     Chicago Olathe, KANSAS Houston
 6:45 PM ...  Mountain ...  Denver
 5:45 PM ...  Pacific ...      LA
SCORES Announced:
11:25 PM ...  Eastern ...   New York ... Atlanta
10:25 PM ...  Central ...    Chicago Olathe, KANSASHouston
  9:25 PM ...  Mountain ...Denver
  8:25 PM ...  Pacific ...     LA
United States Time Zone Map


All times CT …  and … subject to change
  7:45 PM … Welcome & National Anthem
  7:57 PM … Zephyrus Drum & Bugle Corps - Zephyrus, OK    DCI SoundSport    Exhibition
  8:09 PM … Colt Cadets – Dubuque, IA      
  8:26 PM … Madison Scouts – Madison, WI                
  8:43 PM … … Intermission …
  9:00 PM … Phantom Regiment – Rockford, IL
  9:17 PM … Blue Stars – La Crosse, WI
  9:34 PM … The Cavaliers – Rosemont, IL
  9:51 PM …  Colts – Dubuque, IA
10:08 PM …  Encore by Colts – Dubuque, IA
10:25 PM …  Scores Announced             

2022 Debut:  

DCI Memo Revised Schedule Times”  posted  07-17-2022 13:44
IMO:  Please ... Stay hydrated. Check the back seat(s) … before you lock your vehicle. It’s going to be hot “across our Nation” this week.

FloMarching None for THIS show
Tuesday, July 19 8:35 PM  CT DCI Broken Arrow Broken Arrow, OK
 … In competition
          Blue Knights …                 Blue Stars …   Carolina Crown Boston Crusaders The Cavaliers
          Santa Clara Vanguard  Blue Devils  Bluecoats

Thursday, July 21 7:50 PM CT DCI Denton Denton, TX
Thursday, July 21
8:20 PM CT DCI Austin  Austin, TX
Friday, July 22       
8:20 PM CT DCI Houston Houston, TX
Saturday, July 23  
1:30 PM  CT DCI Southwestern Championships San Antonio, TX

RECAPS   Direct LINKS are in the Source
7/17     So Cal Classic                      Bellflower, CA        Courtesy of  DCI                 Courtesy of  “From the Pressbox
7/16     Whitewater Classic               Whitewater, WI       Courtesy of  DCI                Courtesy of  “From the Pressbox
7/16     DCI Memphis                        Memphis, TN          Courtesy of  DCI                Courtesy of  “From the Pressbox
7/16     Drums Along the Rockies     Fort Collins, CO      Courtesy of  DCI                Courtesy of  “From the Pressbox
7/16     2022 Gold Showcase            Vista, CA                Courtesy of  DCI                Courtesy of  “From the Pressbox

GAS   Olathe, KANSAS
Buddy's - 11240 South Lone Elm Road - Olathe, KS - GasBuddy.com       Regular $4.37 Cash …  $4.37 Credit      Diesel …   $5.39 Cash …   $5.39 Credit



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I will be attending this show.  

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7 minutes ago, BlueStainGlass said:

I feel like everyone will be watching to see where Cavies and Stars end up. 

Please let there be a spread between the two, either way. The last thing we need is more Crown/BD turf wars around here. 

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6 minutes ago, PopcornEater1963 said:

I have a feeling that Cavaliers are about to explode all over Kansas. In a good way. 


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