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Tuesday, August 9th “DCI Open Class World Championship FINALS” Wildcat Football Stadium at Indiana Wesleyan University Marion, INDIANA

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Just now, OldSnareDrummer said:

Hook'Em would love these guys. 1/3 of their horns are contras. 

Heh @Hook'emCavies would demand that ratio in all corps.

Not sure of the ratio last night but Bluecoats alumni had like 40 tubas on the field. 

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Again, I love that Colts org gives this kids an entertaining show they can achieve as they learn and brings them on a mini tour all the way to Indy.  They might not place here but they get a scored performance in LoS then can sit back and soak in the whole experience.  Strong foundations.

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Almost missed Colt Cadets! Some chucklehead rear ended our rental car in the WalMart parking lot. We got to our seats just as the drum major was doing his salute. I hate having to rush. 

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7 minutes ago, IllianaLancerContra said:

And the problem with that is what?

The last year my kiddo was in HS band he was one of 11 tubas.  We loved seeing the faces on the other bands with 3-4 as we lined up, and lined up, and lined up...


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