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Battle At The Alamo(dome) - July 22,2023

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DCI Southwestern Championship

100 Montana St.
San Antonio, TX 78203


Weather (yes I know it's an indoor show. But it matters for rehearsals and warmups)

As of 6:42 am CDT
Day 104° • Night 79°

chance of rain less than 5%

heat advisory

Lineup & Times


All times CT and subject to change

12:00 PM    Gates Open

1:30 PM    Welcome and National Anthem

1:40 PM    Arsenal - El Paso, TX
1:52 PM    Guardians - Houston, TX
2:09 PM    Genesis - Austin, TX
2:26 PM    Seattle Cascades - Seattle, WA
2:43 PM    Music City - Nashville, TN
3:00 PM    Spirit of Atlanta - Atlanta, GA
3:17 PM    Madison Scouts - Madison, WI


3:34 PM    Intermission

4:04 PM    Crossmen - San Antonio, TX
4:21 PM    The Academy - Tempe, AZ
4:38 PM    Blue Knights - Denver, CO
4:55 PM    Colts - Dubuque, IA
5:12 PM    Pacific Crest - Diamond Bar, CA


5:29 PM    Intermission - SoundSport International Showcase

6:29 PM    The Cadets - Erie, PA
6:46 PM    Blue Stars - La Crosse, WI
7:03 PM    Troopers - Casper, WY
7:20 PM    The Cavaliers - Rosemont, IL
7:37 PM    Mandarins - Sacramento, CA
7:54 PM    Phantom Regiment - Rockford, IL
8:11 PM    Carolina Crown - Fort Mill, SC
8:28 PM    Bluecoats - Canton, OH
8:45 PM    Boston Crusaders - Boston, MA
9:02 PM    Blue Devils - Concord, CA


9:27 PM    Drum Major Retreat - Scores Announced



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What an exciting day! God I live for this crap. No matter how much BD wins by tonight, I'm just so excited for a marathon of drum corps to watch all day with so many amazing shows throughout the ranks. 

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19 minutes ago, IllianaLancerContra said:

I think this is the first time this season that Timing & Penalties are in place.  Some of the more prop (inc tarps) - heavy Corps better practice getting set up in time. 

I also predict there will be a Corps w/ electronics setup issues.  

Will it be the Crossmen?  [I kid...they had a real string of semifinals electronics mishaps for awhile there though]

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Has anyone sold tickets on Stubhub? I ask because I sold my SAT tickets last month & transferred them to the buyer via Ticketmaster.  But they haven't "accepted" the tickets as of this morning. Are they sitting in their Ticketmaster account?  Was just concerned if they know how to complete the process.   

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