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  2. I’m not Hoyden or am I an orphan thank you.
  3. "Featuring 'Gorgon', by Christopher Rouse, 'Bum's Rush' by Donald Grantham,'Rock Island' and 'Cathedral' from 'Road to Perdition' by Thomas Newman, and original composition from our own Michael McIntosh and Clif Walker, with assistance from Michael Martin and Alan Miller."
  4. Don't get me wrong, I think any time the Blue Devils place second it's a cause for celebration. 1. Blue Devils were knocked down. 2. A corps was strong enough to beat them. I have never been to finals, and I've only saw the video of Phantom and the Blue Devils from that year. ALTHOUGH, I have spoken to people who were there and said that the energy from the crowd fed the corps, and I've seen cases of this on multiple occasions not just in drum corps, but in marching band in general. If you're getting no feedback from the audience, you're gonna put on a lackluster performance. If the audience is eating you up, then you're gonna put on a hell of a performance. That being said, I stand by my post that the crowd won Phantom the championship. I'm not trying to take anything away from Phantom, but that's the way I see it.
  5. According to what the corps posted on Facebook, they are doing originally composed work by both Michael Martin and and Mike McIntosh. It also says that McIntosh was assisted by Martin.
  6. Well considering that Mr. Cesario is doing BD, Cavies, Crossmen, Crown, and 2 others...
  7. Whoa, Gorgon!!! YEEEES! That piece grabs me immediately! Aggressive percussion and wind parts... I love it. OMG!!!! THIS LINE UP IS FREAKING AWESOME!
  8. I did not get to finals in 2008, so I can only judge based on DVD. I do think Phantom had a better show than Blue Devils, but some shows do better on video than others. Now if you look at past threads, going back to a time I was a visitor and did not comment, it is about 2007 or so that you started having the roots of Blue Devils detractors, in some cases vicious detractors, and at the time some argued that there were those who were happy not so much that Phantom won, but that Blue Devils placed second.
  9. I thought it was original work by Michael McIntosh (percussion) with help from Maestro Martin and others. Contemporary field shows have lots of Mikes. (I fixed your typing too; don't tell the judges.)
  10. I'm not too worried about them being gassed out at the end of the show. Everyone is right now, and Crown has more on the field than some. Besides, the closer is so high energy in it's writing that even when they lose momentum the energy still shines through.
  11. I wasn't even going to go there. You won't find a winning show in my all time top 5 list and my two favorite winning shows TIED another show for 1st. I don't have any right to say who should have won- I have only seen finals live in person in 2012 and my seats were hardly favorable for judging all the components of the show. Then you have shows that just hold up better over time even though in the moment you were more impressed by another show (for me this is 2015... Inferno was a monster live but I keep going back to Kinetic Noise). So a lot of factors there.
  12. I believe Thr Cavaliers just made their official announcement of the show music. I love the fact that they are doing some original composition work, by Michael Martin. Heck, I love the fact that he does the brass arrangements for the brass!
  13. Before yesterday, the last day without rain here, was 6/6.
  14. My goodness that's a sizzling music book this year. This is shaping up to be quite a fight for the last Finalist spot or two. That Krump opener & Color Wheel closer are particularly delicious. The ballad is funky & bizarrely beautiful. Krump is a piece I'm familiar with but have never heard on the field. Hearing Spirit play it, it honestly sounds like it was made for them! I already love it. They had the top 12 hornline last year, but GE numbers kept them in that 13th spot. The music book alone is a terrific step up, and I can't wait to see what they pair visually with it!! Ah, Spirit, I wish we didn't have to wait another week+ to find out!!
  15. Interesting note about this year's corps - I've been going to spring training now for quite a few years, and each season the group has a different personality 2013, 2015 and 2016 the corps was very focused and extremely talented, but there was something very special about the 2013 group. It was the way they carried themselves during rehearsal and went about their business. Last season the personality felt a little younger and rougher around the edges. For this season, watching them at camp I had a really rough time trying to figure this group out. After hearing the corps in April I had some concerns, but boy was I wrong. All I saw during the last week of spring training was a drum corps that had laser focus. The work ethic, talent and focus this season reminds me a lot of the 2013 corps. As to them being gassed at the end of the show, they did their first run of the entire show a week ago. For a show that's only been run from start to finish about 10 times and has 190+ sets in it, that's not too shabby. Gove them a couple of weeks to build up their lungs.
  16. How many head admin changes at SCV the past decade? Seems like a revolving door...or are they hired to tackle specific goals and once achieved move on? I wish everyone well.
  17. Wonderful show, with a total blast-tastic monster Baritone line that was woefully underused.
  18. I know, right? Everyday it doesn’t rain, I bar-b-que. That has happened about 8-9 times in the last month in a half.
  19. It rains practically every day. Yesterday, it didn’t rain. It was a FM.
  20. Would you two get a room already? Sheesh! LOL
  21. I'm not being snarky, I'm speaking the truth. Lol. You harp on Crown so much I could never tell that you liked them.
  22. FYI...the Pittsburgh show next week also has a full panel of judges. Last year there were only 5, so it does appear that all of the shows will be full. (By full I mean 8 judges)
  23. One more sleep...... Thoughts on the judges for this show, anyone? Safe Travels and best wishes to all the organizations this season!!
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