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Just wish Madison fans on the Internet would show a little class and congratulate the performers from BAC and Academy rather than insult their shows and imply that their achievements are so much DCI f

I think it would be great if DCI would give all active duty corps fans, deployed overseas, complimentary subscriptions to DCI Live! That might be something the Board of Directors can discuss.... Tha

19 years in the Navy and counting, just re-enlisted for five more years. Drum corps has helped get me thru alot of deployments in the summer months away from home. Being able to wake up and log on and

Just glad to see the Scouts moving in the right direction and interested to see how Matthews and the other new staff additions can impact the corps. They never should have let Van get away in the first place. That guy knows his stuff.

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Some thoughts.

So first thing, if anyone thinks this thing is a rehash of 99 you're not watching the same thing I am.

I LOVE THE ELECTRIC GUITAR. Cool stuff! And the rest of the electronic stuff for that matter, I'm loving modern Madison, thanks for taking that step.

The overall tone of this show is very dark and dreary, in a good way. Love the impact moments, some huge moments.

LOW angle, but from the velocity of how they're moving and the drill last year, I'm looking forward to seeing it from up top.

Overall, great first impression. Looking forward to seeing it Sunday on the webcast!

So can someone give me a brief rundown of the story? Been meaning to do that, but just haven't gotten around to it. Feel like it'll make me appreciate some things more.

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And thanks for keeping the uniform, they look pretty #### good in those.

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And last thing. Drums. :whip:

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